How to Boost a Discord Server for Free?

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How to Boost a Discord Server for Free?

Are you hoping to boost your Discord server for free to get all those sweet benefits? Unfortunately, you can’t boost your Discord server for free.

This is a premium feature that you need to pay for. One boost costs $4.99 per month, and there’s no way to avoid paying this fee.

Various bots claim to provide free boosts, but I wouldn’t take them seriously. You should avoid them like the plague.

Read below to learn more about the unofficial ways of boosting Discord servers for free!

Bots that Offer Free Discord Boosts Are Fake

Discord free boost bot
Discord free boost bot

You wake up one day with a notification from Discord, and you see this. What do you do? This is what a Free Boost Bot looks like on Discord.

Under no circumstances should you click on the link provided in the notification. It’ll most likely install malware on your device and steal your data.

These bots are not the real deal. Discord has never offered free boosts; even if it did, it wouldn’t do it through a sketchy bot.

A good rule of thumb you should remember is that good thing never come free. There has to be a catch in most cases. And often, the catch is that a hacker gains access to your device or steals your data.

People Can Gift You Discord Boosts

Did you know that boosts can be gifted to someone else or transferred to another server? That’s right; your friend can buy you a boost as a gift.

So, a simple method to boost your Discord server for free is to receive boost gifts from members or friends.

Many Discord servers already implement this solution if they have a tight member base. Either the members contribute to buy boosts, or the administrative staff of the server does this in turn.

You can also transfer boosts from another server to your current one. So, if you have multiple servers and you’ve boosted the wrong one, you can transfer that boost to your other server.

Here’s how to do this:

  • Go to the “Server Boost” tab in your Discord settings (wheel icon)
  • Click on the three-dot icon next to the boost you want to transfer
  • Select the server where you want to transfer the boost
  • Review and then confirm
  • You’re done!

It’s a four-step process that’s easy to follow and lets you transfer your boosts in a matter of seconds.


In short, you can’t get Discord boosts for free unless someone gifts them to you or you transfer them from another server.

Discord boosts are a premium feature that isn’t meant to be free, even though they don’t offer many benefits.

Comment down below if you have further questions about Discord boosts. I’ll try to help as much as possible!

Are boosts permanent on Discord?

Discord boosts are not permanent. Every server boost lasts for one month. After this, it expires naturally, and your server will lose the added benefits.

Even if you buy multiple boosts simultaneously, they’ll all expire after one month. For instance, buying 3 Discord boosts doesn’t mean you get 3 months of server boosting.

Discord boosts implement a level system for your server:

– Level 1 needs 2 active boosts
– Level 2 needs 7 active boosts
– Level 3 needs 14 active boosts

If you buy 2 boosts at once, your server goes to Level 1, and you get certain benefits. Buy 5 more boosts, and your server moves on to Level 2, obtaining more benefits.

When your active boosts expire, and the total number of boosts goes below the Level threshold, you have 3 days to buy more boosts.

This is called the grace period, when you’ll still retain the benefits of a certain Boost Server Level even if you don’t have the required active boosts.

Once those 3 days pass, you’ll lose the associated boost benefits.

Is Discord server boosting worth it?

It depends on your expectations. Generally speaking, Discord boosting is worth it if the server has a very active community.

Boosting adds customized emojis, a bigger upload limit, customized tags, etc. It improves the interactions between server members.

The higher the boosting level of the server, the more benefits you receive, and it’s more worth it.

However, Discord Nitro is better if you want to improve your experience. Boosting is meant to improve the overall experience on a server, while Nitro is for individual users.

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