Get Chatty: Can You Make Voice Calls on Instagram?

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Get Chatty: Can You Make Voice Calls on Instagram?

Does Instagram let you voice call your friend? Yes, they do. Many users are wondering about this issue, and today, we will discuss it!

Instagram has both an Audio and a Voice call function, which means you can voice and video call your friend on the platform.

These features work on personal and business accounts, but business accounts can restrict them if they don’t want users calling them.

If you’re wondering how to place a voice call on Instagram, read below!

Summary: In this article, I discuss how Instagram enables users to make voice calls through the platform. 

Both audio and video calls can be initiated from the chat window, available for personal accounts, and some professional accounts. 

Business accounts can restrict this feature, preventing users from calling them. To make a call, simply open a chat with the person you want to call and tap the appropriate button for an audio or video call. 

Remember that video calls come with additional features, such as filters and effects. 

Feel free to reach out to other Instagram users and enjoy this convenient communication feature!

How Can I Call Someone on Instagram?

You must tap a button in their chat to call your friend on Instagram. That’s right; the “Call” button is the chat window in the top right corner.

The call buttons are in the top right corner of the chat
The call buttons are in the top right corner of the chat

So, if you want to call someone, open a chat with them and tap one of the two buttons, depending on what call you want to make – audio or video.

This feature is available to all personal accounts and, as far as I know, can’t be restricted. Try clearing the cache or reinstalling the app if calling doesn’t work.

Professional accounts can’t make video calls, and audio calls may be restricted, so other users can’t call these accounts.

If you want to know what audio and video calls look like, see below!

Here’s what an audio call looks like on Instagram:

What an audio call looks like on Instagram
What an audio call looks like on Instagram

You have the standard controls of an audio call at the top of the window, including the Mute and the Volume buttons.

You can close the call by tapping on the red button in the top right corner.

As for a video call, here’s how it looks:

How a video call looks like on Instagram
How a video call looks like on Instagram

Video calls have several additional features like filters and effects that you can add, but other than that, it’s much the same as audio calls.


In short, you can make voice calls on Instagram from the chat window. The button is in the top right corner of the chat window.

Remember, you can’t make calls to a business account unless they’ve enabled this feature, which is unlikely. But you can call other users liberally.

You can also turn an audio call into a video call with a nice feature embedded in the interface when you call someone.

You won’t need to close the audio call and start a new video call. You can turn the audio call into a video call!

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