Do Discord Boosts Expire?

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Do Discord Boosts Expire?

Discord Boosts are not permanent, and they eventually expire. You can pay them per month or per year, depending on your preference.

But once a Discord boost expires, your Boost Level decreases, and you may lose the perks and benefits associated with boosting. You’ll need to keep paying for the Discord boosts to retain your benefits.

Read below to learn more about Discord boosting, server levels, and what happens if you stop paying for boosts!

What Are Discord Boosts?

Perks of Discord server boosts
Perks of Discord server boosts

Discord server boosts unlock certain perks and benefits, such as:

  • Custom stickers
  • Exclusive new roles
  • More custom emojis
  • Better quality for Go Live and voice channels
  • Bigger upload size
  • Ability to create private threads
  • Customizable avatar, URL, and avatar

Moreover, Discord server boosts have three levels. The higher the level, the more perks you unlock for your server.

Every consecutive server level requires multiple boosts. For instance:

  • A Level 1 Discord server needs 2 Boosts, and it costs $9.98 per month
  • A Level 2 Discord server needs 7 Boosts, and it costs $74.85 per month
  • A Level 3 Discord server needs 14 Boosts, and it costs $149.70 per month

If you get Discord Nitro, you have a 30% discount on server boosts, and 2 free server boosts are included with a Nitro subscription.

Considering how prohibitively expensive Discord levels are, it may be worth getting Discord Nitro if you plan to boost your server multiple times.

What Happens When Discord Boosts Expire?

You won’t lose the associated perks immediately after the Discord boosts expire. There’s a 3-day grace period during which you can buy new boosts to regain the lost server level.

Here’s Discord boosts work:

  • Your Discord server is at level 3 with 14 total boosts purchased
  • One of the boosts expires, leaving you with 13 boosts
  • A Level 3 Discord server needs 14 boosts, so you don’t have enough boosts now
  • You have a 3-day grace period to purchase one more boost for a total of 14
  • If you don’t get one more boost during the 3-day grace period, your server will go down a level and lose the Level 3 perks

A Level 2 Discord server needs 7 boosts, so if you don’t want to get back to Level 3, just can just wait for the extra boosts to expire.

You’ll have another 3-day grace period once you get to 6 active boosts, which is how the process works.

It’s great that you don’t lose your server perks immediately after your boosts expire. Even if you were at Level 3 and lost all 14 boosts, you’ll still have a 3-day grace period to purchase all your boosts back.


Discord Boosts are temporary and will expire in a month or a year, depending on which plan you chose when you bought them.

However, you won’t lose your server benefits immediately after the boosts expire. You have a 3-day grace period to buy your lost boosts and retain the Level-associated benefits.

But losing one is irrelevant if your server is Level 3 and you have 15 active boosts. You’ll still have 14 active boosts, which is a Level 3 server requirement.

Comment below if you’re still confused about Discord boosting, server levels, and the expiration process of boosts. I’ll reply as soon as possible!

What do Discord server levels provide?

The three Discord server Boost levels provide different things. The higher the level (up to level 3), the more benefits you receive.

Here’s a rundown of the benefits you receive for every Discord server boost level:

– Level 1 gives you +50 server emojis, customized server backgrounds, 720p 60fps live streaming quality, +10 custom sticker slots, 128kbps audio quality, and animation + customization of the server icon;

– Level 2 gives you 256kb audio quality, 1080p 60fps live streaming quality, server banners, +15 custom sticker slots, + another 50 server emojis, 50MB file sharing size limit, private threads for members, and customization of icons for individual roles;

– Level 3 gives you 256kb audio quality, + another 100 server emojis (total of 250), customized server invite links, a 100MB file sharing size limit, + another 30 custom sticker slots (total of 60).

Level 3 doesn’t provide many extra benefits other than more custom stickers, server emojis, and file-sharing size limits.

Should I get Discord Nitro for boosts?

Generally, most Discord users would agree that it’s better to get Discord Nitro if you want to boost your server for longer.

The longer you want to boost your server, the more expensive it’ll be and the less affordable it becomes.

Discord Nitro gives you a permanent 30% discount on all server boosts, no matter how many you buy.

Moreover, the boosts will not expire with your Nitro subscription. However, you won’t have the 30% discount anymore.

Remember that the 2 free boosts you receive with Discord Nitro will expire when Nitro expires, though.

In short, if you’re not planning to build a popular server with boosts, getting Discord Nitro is not worth it, especially if you don’t care about Nitro’s benefits.

But if you’re in for the long game and server boosting is your thing, then Discord Nitro is a must!

Discord Nitro is $9.99 per month or $99.99 for a year. Two months are free if you do that math, which is pretty nice.

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