Discord’s Valiant Volunteers: Do Discord Moderators Get Paid?

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Discord’s Valiant Volunteers: Do Discord Moderators Get Paid?

Do Discord moderators get paid to brag about their privileges and ban people on Discord servers? That’s a good question.

Unfortunately, the answer is not as exciting. Most of them don’t get paid a dime. They do it voluntarily because they enjoy managing a Discord server.

Because of the voluntary aspect of moderating on Discord, all moderators will moderate servers that they’re interested in.

Read below to see why Discord moderators do what they do and other interesting facts about moderating on Discord!

Summary: This article discusses the role of Discord moderators, who are primarily volunteers and do not get paid for their work. 

Moderators maintain a healthy server environment by filtering spam, ensuring civil discussions, managing activities, and assisting server members. 

While moderating can be a tough job, most moderators are passionate about it and enjoy the responsibility that comes with their role. 

Discord server owners typically rely on a team of moderators to ensure smooth functioning, even if one moderator leaves or loses interest.
Do Discord Moderators Get Paid?

Why Do Discord Moderators Do What They Do?

Aside from the sense of responsibility that comes with higher power and influence, Discord moderators enjoy taking on managerial tasks.

They like being in the leader position, guiding others, or enforcing the rules.

Many Discord moderators flaunt their privileges and powers by abusing their responsibilities. But that’s not the norm.

Most moderators just want to maintain a healthy environment on the server. This means:

  • Keeping spammers away
  • Keeping the discussions civilized and polite, for the most part
  • Muting or banning aggressive users
  • Organizing server events and managing other activities
  • Helping server members

However, don’t think that moderators are untouchable. They all answer to the server owner, who decides who the moderators will be.

If any moderator oversteps their bounds, the owner may choose to oust them, which is to remove their moderator privileges.

Some server moderators may get paid by the server owner, but this is extremely rare. The server needs to be extremely popular and to have quite a solid foothold in the community.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth it for the server owner to pay moderators. But paying your moderators may do the job if they want a tight and secure community.

Is Discord Moderating a Tough Job?

Discord moderating is not as difficult as Reddit moderating. But it’s a tough enough job. Imagine filtering dumb comments all day long for several years. And you don’t get paid, ever.

That’s why most Discord servers have more than one Discord moderator. No one could do the job alone because it’s too much work and stress.

They need to take a break sometimes, and another moderator takes their place when that happens. If a whole team of moderators is in charge of a Discord server, you may not notice that one is missing.

Most Discord moderators do this because they like it. It’s their passion. But they could get bored or lose interest at a moment’s notice.

That’s why most server owners prefer to have a team of moderators taking care of the server. Even if one mod leaves unexpectedly, the server is covered.


Most, if not all, Discord moderators never receive a paycheck for what they do. Because they don’t get paid, their loyalty is as enduring as their passion for the server.

Once the server goes down the wrong path, a moderator can feel disappointed and leave immediately. And you never want that to happen.

If you have any questions about Discord, feel free to comment below, and I’ll try to help as best as possible!

How old do Discord mods have to be?

Discord moderators must be over 18 years old to become official moderators on a Discord server.

Any user with administrative privileges must be 18+, including the server owner.

You can’t even create a Discord server if you’re not over 18. Perhaps that’s why many Discord mods are toxic – because they’re most likely young people.

When the power gets to their head, it all spirals down into a cesspool of toxicity and abuse of power.

Discord accounts under an under-18 age of birth aren’t allowed to moderate Discord servers.

And if the account is over 18 but you let your little brother take over and moderate, guess what’s going to happen!

How many Discord mods should I have?

Depending on the size of your Discord server, you may need to employ several Discord mods.

Generally, it’s good to have 2-3 moderators active at all times, so you’ll need about 4-5-6 official moderators.

They’ll work in shifts with breaks now and then. However, if you have a medium-sized channel (less than 200 messages per second), you’ll need a moderator for every 200 members.

Large channels will need to use automatic moderation tools and bot filters. Moderators will control these filters and manage the server directly.

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