Does “Account Warning” on TikTok Affect Views?

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Does “Account Warning” on TikTok Affect Views?

It’s unclear whether an account warning on TikTok will affect your views or withhold your videos from the FYP page.

TikTok doesn’t explicitly state that receiving an account warning will limit your exposure to the public on the platform.

The community is split between two groups – one that has noticed less exposure to account warnings and one that sees no difference.

Read below to find out more about account warnings on TikTok!

What Is an Account Warning?

A TikTok account warning is a way for TikTok to warn you about violating some of its Terms of Service or community guidelines.

Your violations weren’t severe enough to warrant a temporary or permanent ban. However, they were still a breach of the ToS.

Through these warnings, TikTok is telling you to be careful. What you did wasn’t allowed, and you may get banned if you keep doing it.

You’ll only receive an account warning on your first violation of the Terms of Service. But only if the violation is light, not severe.

How Does an Account Warning Impact My Account?

It’s unclear how an account warning impacts your account other than being visible at the top of your profile page.

TikTok doesn’t outright say that an account warning will limit your visibility on TikTok or that your content won’t be included in the For You Page.

Based on the evidence, we have no reason to believe that an account warning affects your account in any way.

However, there has been more and more evidence about shadowbanning being a thing on TikTok. More and more users are claiming that their visibility and user interaction have suddenly dropped for no reason.

And shadowbanning might be the continuation of an account warning.

What Is Shadow Banning on TikTok?

Officially, shadow banning does not exist on TikTok. The company doesn’t acknowledge it as a valid method of banning TikTok.

However, the community is very certain that this is a real phenomenon. Here’s what happens when you’re shadow-banned on TikTok:

  • Your videos won’t be shown on the For You page
  • Your videos won’t be shown on the “Explore” page or the search results
  • No one will be able to view the content you post
  • You won’t be informed about the shadow ban

Shadow banning occurs when you break the Terms of Service or community guidelines. Using automated scripts or buying views and followers may get you shadow-banned.

However, are you shadow-banned when you receive an account warning on TikTok? I don’t know. Currently, no one can be sure of this.

The best I can say is, “maybe or maybe not“. It depends on the situation. Some people are also shadow banned for a short time when receiving an account warning.

Others aren’t. They can continue publishing content, everyone will see it, and their account isn’t affected in any way.

However, there doesn’t seem to be a strict rule for the impact of an account warning on your TikTok account and visibility.

Are TikTok Account Warnings Permanent?

No, they’re not. TikTok account warnings are temporary, but the expiration date is in a few months, most likely.

The official TikTok support page says that the “Accrued violations will expire from your record over time“. What “over time” means is anyone’s guess.

Generally, people claim that it takes a few months for an account warning to disappear from your profile page, “provided you don’t break the community guidelines in the meantime“.

If you violate any of the guidelines before the warning disappears, the account warning will be renewed and may last up to a year.

So, I recommend being very careful about violating the ToS after getting an account warning since you won’t be able to get rid of the account warning before it expires naturally.

If you’ve received an account warning for no reason, you can appeal the decision to TikTok support and explain the situation.

If you’re innocent, they’ll retract the account warning, and you’ll be able to return to your regular TikTok activities immediately.

Leave a comment below if you have questions about account warnings on TikTok or if you know something that I don’t!

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