The Mystery of Disappearing Facebook Accounts: Does Inactivity Lead to Deletion?

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Written by: Alex Popa


The Mystery of Disappearing Facebook Accounts: Does Inactivity Lead to Deletion?

Should you worry if you’re not active at all on Facebook? No, as it seems.

Facebook does NOT delete inactive accounts.

“Unofficially” Facebook probably never deletes accounts, even though they say they do, but that’s a discussion for another time.

But you’re safe – they won’t delete your account for inactivity. I can tell you that from personal experience I’ve had friends who weren’t online for years and their accounts are still there.

However, you may want to know exactly when Facebook will delete your account. So… keep reading 😀

When Does Facebook Delete My Account?

One of the cases where Facebook deletes your account is if you don’t confirm it after registration. Generally, they’ll wait for a year and then delete it if you’re not using it.

BUT this comes in conjunction with not confirming your email address. This means that you haven’t taken ownership of the account.

Another situation when Facebook may delete your account is if it’s hacked or compromised AND you can’t retake ownership of it for at least a year.

Facebook says this on their official Help Center page, regarding unused accounts – “We look at several signals to understand whether your account is unused, including whether you’ve recently logged in to your account or into another service using your Facebook account. We also take into consideration prior activity on your account such as whether you’ve added any photos or friends, or followed any Pages.

So, your account doesn’t only have to be unused, but it shouldn’t have any friends, photos, followers, or other activities at all.

If the account is completely empty and no one ever uses it for at least a year, they may disable or delete it, though it’s highly unlikely that they’ll delete it.

And if you have some friends on the app or if you’ve uploaded any photos, don’t worry. They’ll never delete your account!

And that’s all I can say about this. If you have any questions about Facebook’s policies, leave a comment below, and I’ll reply soon!

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