How to Find Someone on Twitter by Phone Number?

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How to Find Someone on Twitter by Phone Number?

To find someone on Twitter by using their phone number, you’ll have to sync your contacts. And that’s quote easy to do.

Here’s what you have to do to sync your contacts:

  1. Open Twitter on your phone
  2. Tap your profile picture in the top-left corner
  3. Select “Settings & Support
  4. Select “Settings and privacy
  5. Select “Privacy and safety
  6. Go to “Discoverability and contacts
  7. Check the “Sync address book contacts” box
  8. Select “Allow

That’s all… After enabling this option, Twitter will upload your phone contacts to your Twitter account or recommend friends based on your contacts.

Please keep reading for a detailed guide (with screenshots) of the above steps!

Sync your Phone Contacts on Twitter

As I said, syncing your phone contacts is the only way you can find contacts on Twitter with their phone numbers.

See below how to do that:

1. Tap your profile picture

Twitter feed showing the profile picture in the top-left corner highlighted in red

Begin by opening Twitter and tapping your profile picture in the top-left corner of the app (it should be easy to find but feel free to consult the screenshot above…).


2. Go to “Settings & Support

Twitter profile menu where the "Settings & Support" option is highlighted in red

After you tap on the profile picture, a menu will appear with these options:

  • Profile
  • Topics
  • Bookmarks
  • Lists
  • Twitter Circle
  • Creator Studio
  • Professional Tools
  • Settings & Support

What you need is the “Settings & Support” option. Select that one and see what comes next:

3. Select “Settings and privacy

Twitter profile menu showing the "Settings and privacy" option highlighted in red

Tapping on the “Settings & Support” option will open a drop-down menu with two more settings – “Settings and privacy” and “Help Center“.

Tap on “Settings and privacy“, as that’s where you need to go to sync your contacts. Moving on…

4. Go to “Privacy and safety

Twitter settings showing the "Privacy and safety" option highlighted in red

After selecting “Settings and privacy” in the Twitter profile menu, you’ll arrive at the Twitter settings page.

Scroll down until you find the “Privacy and safety” option (it’s under the “Monetization” option – check the screenshot).

Select it. Then:

5. Select “Discoverability and contacts

Twitter "Privacy and safety" settings showing the "Discoverability and contacts" option highlighted in red

On the “Privacy and safety” page, you’ll need to find the “Discoverability and contacts” option, which is a bit below the starting settings.

Scroll down until you find it and tap on it!

6. Enable the “Sync address book contacts” option

Twitter "Discoverability and contacts" page showing the "Sync address book contacts" option highlighted

Here we are – tap the “Sync address book contacts” option (see screenshot above) to sync your phone contacts to the Twitter app.

This will upload your phone contacts into the app and let you add your friends as contacts.

7. Select “Allow

Twitter notification showing the "Allow" option highlighted

Lastly, Twitter will ask you to confirm the contact sync. Just select “Allow” and you’re finished – all your contacts have been synched to your Twitter account. Boom, that’s it… you made it! Congrats…

…wait, there’s more…

…but what if you want other people to be able to find you based on your phone number? In that case, you should enable the “Let others find you by your phone” option (see below).

Twitter "Discoverability and contacts" page showing the "Let others find you by your phone" option highlighted

You’ll find this option on the “Discoverability and contacts” page, next to the “Sync address book contacts” option you enabled earlier.

Enable both options to find and be found by your phone contacts on Twitter.

That wasn’t that hard, was it? If something’s bothering you or if this doesn’t work, contact me below, and I’ll try to help!

Also, let’s use this opportunity to thank our Lord and Savior Elon Musk for making Twitter great again!

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