How Often Can You Disable Instagram?

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How Often Can You Disable Instagram?

Once a week – that’s the maximum amount of times you can disable your Instagram account. That’s not all, though.

You also can’t disable it again before a week passes by. The moment you reactivate your account is the key, though. That’s when the 7-day countdown begins.

Confused yet? I’ll explain below, so don’t worry. Keep reading instead 😀

Explain, Please!

Alright, I will. Here’s how it works, in a nutshell:

  • You disable your account on the 1st of January
  • You reactivated your account on the 4th of January, three days later
  • You can only disable the account again after a minimum of 7 days pass, so the earliest date you can disable the account again is the 12th of January

Disabling and reactivating your account will follow the same 7-day cycle but remember, the countdown begins from the moment you REACTIVATE your account, not when you last disabled it.

So, following the example above, disabling your account on the 1st of January doesn’t mean you can disable it again on the 9th.

Instead, you’ll only be able to disable 7 days after you REENABLE the account. So, if you reactivated your account on the 9th, you’d only be able to disable it again on the 17th.

Makes sense?

Good, because that’s all I have to say about this topic.

Can I Get Into Trouble if I Keep Disabling My Account?

Nope, there are no risks attached to constantly disabling your account because you’re not harming anyone except your access to the platform.

Instagram makes it very clear that disabling your account temporarily is up to you, and they won’t intervene in your decision.

Maybe you want to take a break from the platform or you’re busy and can’t use it; it doesn’t really matter.

Disable your account without worrying about repercussions!

I hope this article has helped answer your question, but if you’re still confused, let me know in the comments below, and I’ll reply soon 😀

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