How to Make Discord Emojis Bigger?

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How to Make Discord Emojis Bigger?

Are you tired of the same small emojis on Discord and want bigger ones? You can achieve this in several ways, but they’re not all reliable.

Did you know that the biggest selling point of Discord Nitro is the bigger emojis? That’s right; once you get Discord Nitro, your emojis will also be bigger.

Another way is to manually enlarge your emojis and send them like you normally would. But this takes a lot of time and technical skills.

Read below to find out more about making Discord emojis bigger!


Buy Discord Nitro

The simplest and easiest method of making your Discord emojis bigger is purchasing Nitro, Discord’s premium plan.

It’s $9.99 per month or $99.9 per year, depending on the plan. You not only get bigger emojis but also:

  • Animated and customized emojis
  • Animated avatar
  • Custom tag
  • Two server boosts and 30% off on server boost purchases
  • Rep badge showing how long you’ve been supporting Discord
  • High-resolution screen share and Go Live streaming
  • 100MB high-quality file-sharing limit

So, if you want bigger emojis, buy Discord Nitro, and you’ll have them. But what if you can’t afford $9.99 per month?

Well, then, you use the second solution on this list!

Use BigJPG

If you want to enlarge your Discord emojis, you can use BigJPG. It’s a platform dedicated to enlarging pictures to whatever size you want.

Its only downside is that it often results in blurry images. You see, it only increases the resolution of the picture but doesn’t improve the quality.

The same number of pixels are spread across a larger space, resulting in blurrier images. The bigger the picture, the blurrier it becomes.

You can find the Discord emojis using Google Search. Follow the steps below to enlarge your Discord emojis using BigJPG:

1. Find Discord emojis on Google

Find Discord emojis on Google
Find Discord emojis on Google

The first step is finding the Discord emojis you want to enlarge. You can’t save the emojis from the Discord app, but you can find them online.

Search for “Discord emojis” and access ““, as it seems to be the best site for this.

2. Select an emoji

Select an emoji
Select an emoji

Once you open the website, find the emoji you want to enlarge and click on it. You can use the categories to the left to find your emoji faster.

3. Select a size

Select a size
Select a size

This is the first moment you can choose your emoji size. The original size of Discord emojis is 64 pixels. I recommend choosing “128px” and trying out this size on the Discord chat.

Is the emoji big enough? If not, continue with this guide to enlarge it further!

4. Right-click on the emoji and select “Open image in new tab

Right-click on the emoji and select "Open image in new tab"
Right-click on the emoji and select “Open image in new tab

Once you select a size for your emoji (I recommend 128px), right-click on the emoji and select “Open image in new tab“. This will allow you to download the emoji in an image format.

5. Select “Save image as

Select "Save image as"
Select “Save image as

Once you open the emoji in a new browser image, you’ll be able to download it. Right-click on the emoji again and select “Save image as…

6. Save the image on your desktop

ave the image on your desktop
ave the image on your desktop

Once you select “Save image as…“, Windows Explorer will launch and let you save the emoji as an image file on your computer.

To find it easier, save it on your desktop and give it a suggestive name. Click “Save” to finish.

7. Open BigJPG on Google

Open BigJPG on Google
Open BigJPG on Google

Once you’re done saving the emoji on your desktop, open Google and look for “BigJPG“. Open the website and continue with the guide!

8. Click on “Select Images

Open BigJPG on Google
Open BigJPG on Google

After you open BigJPG, you’ll be sent to a homepage where you’ll see a big, green “Select Images” button. Click on it!

9. Select your emoji

Select your emoji
Select your emoji

Once you click “Select Images“, Windows Explorer will open, and you’ll need to find the emoji image you saved previously.

Select it and click “Open” to upload the image to BigJPG.

10. Select “Start

Select "Start"
Select “Start

Once the image uploads, you should see a “Start” button next to it. You’ll need to click on it to begin the upscaling process.

This process may take 1-3 minutes, so wait until it finishes.

11. Choose an upscaling option

Choose an upscaling option
Choose an upscaling option

After you click on “Start“, the platform will ask you how big you want the new emoji picture to be. Select an option from the “Upscaling” tab and select “Ok“.

Remember that a 2x upscaling is often more than enough for your needs. Going above that will make the image blurry and out of place.

Once the upscaling process finishes, download the new emoji and use it on Discord! You’ll need to do this for every emoji you want to enlarge.


In short, there are only two ways you can make the Discord Emojis bigger:

  • Get Discord Nitro ($9.99 per month)
  • Use an online library to get the Discord emojis and enlarge them with BigJPG or another similar platform.

Alternatively, you could use the BetterDiscord extension and download the “FreeEmoji” plug-in. But this requires some editing in local files and is not accessible to anyone.

If you have other questions, comment below, and I’ll reply as soon as possible!

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