What Are the Most Followed Organization Accounts on LinkedIn in March 2023?

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What Are the Most Followed Organization Accounts on LinkedIn in March 2023?

I have to be honest, LinkedIn fascinates me. There aren’t too many platforms like it that are extremely focused on one thing like LinkedIn is. Business, career, and professional networking are all that LinkedIn focuses on.

In this article, I’ll be looking at the most followed organization accounts on LinkedIn and try to understand what makes them popular, what they’re doing on the platform, and how this might help them.

Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Amazon – 29,728,575 Followers

Amazon's official profile page on LinkedIn
Amazon’s official profile page on LinkedIn

Amazon is the most-followed organization account on LinkedIn, and it’s not hard to see why. After all, Amazon is among the wealthiest companies in the world, and it has over 1.6 million employees worldwide.

The reason for its presence on LinkedIn is pretty clear – professional exposure, legitimacy, and hiring efforts. The company has multiple jobs posted on its profile and anyone can apply for them.

Moreover, the company’s official page also offers a general overview of the work involved, its work ethics, work environment, technologies, innovations, and more.

814,959 of its employees are also following the company on LinkedIn, as a fun fact.

2. Google – 28,119,125 Followers

Google's official profile page on LinkedIn
Google’s official profile page on LinkedIn offers a bit more personality than Amazon’s. For one, Google posts regular updates on its LinkedIn profile page. Things like the latest news on the AI evolution and things like that.

Google’s official profile page on LinkedIn offers a bit more personality than Amazon’s. For one, Google posts regular updates on its LinkedIn profile page. Things like the latest news on the AI evolution and things like that.

Google has multiple job offerings as well, from Customer Engineer to Global Alliance Lead, Analytics Manager, and so on.

Lastly, there’s also an overview of the work ethics and work culture at Google, its new innovations, career options, and so on.

Again, it’s pretty clear why Google has a LinkedIn page – the same as Amazon: professional exposure, credibility, authoritativeness.

3. LinkedIn – 24,561,661 Followers

LinkedIn's official profile page on LinkedIn
LinkedIn’s official profile page on LinkedIn

You have no idea how hard it was to find LinkedIn’s official company page on LinkedIn. Just try it yourself.

In any case, LinkedIn also has multiple job offers on its official page as well as updates on their latest activities, celebrations, and so on.

At this point, there’s nothing different I could tell you about some of these companies because it’s pretty clear why they have a LinkedIn profile.

4. TED Conferences – 23,315,099 Followers

TED Conferences' official profile page on LinkedIn
TED Conferences’ official profile page on LinkedIn

TED Conferences doesn’t have much going on other than a short “About Us” page and its “Updates” section, where it posts the latest conferences that have taken place.

The company also has a few jobs posted: Partnerships Team Coordinator, Event Assistant, Signage Coordinator, TEDx Licensing Intern, and more.

I have to say that I find TED Conferences’ LinkedIn page refreshingly simple and to the point, which does make sense considering what the organization does.

5. Microsoft – 19,206,613

Microsoft's official profile page on LinkedIn
Microsoft’s official profile page on LinkedIn

Microsoft has over 19 million followers on LinkedIn, and they’re particularly flashy with their profile page, posting regular updates about new features, Windows updates, and meetings that the team does.

They also have quite a lot of job offerings, some of which are really well-paid, across multiple continents. And their “About us” page goes into more detail about the company’s work ethics, identity, and what it would be like to work for them.

Simple stuff, but it makes quite a powerful impact with how simplistic it all is.

6. Unilever – 18,597,025 Followers

Unilever's official profile page on LinkedIn
Unilever’s official profile page on LinkedIn

Unilever seems to be doing a very good job at promoting itself on LinkedIn. With over 18.5 million followers, they’ve got a total of 1,338 jobs available on their page.

They’re always posting about their recent partnerships and collaborations, projects they’re working on, and even overviews of what it would be like to work for their company.

Their brand logo is “A better business. A better world. A better you“, which does seem to be congruent with what they’re doing.

7. Apple – 18,361,068 Followers

Apple's official profile page on LinkedIn
Apple’s official profile page on LinkedIn

Apple is Apple, and even on LinkedIn, they have a stellar presence, with over 18.3 million followers. And, in the expected Apple fashion, they have no posts and not a lot of unnecessary information.

They keep it extremely simple and sleek, just how they like their product lines – slow and steady ascension with minimal but impactful upgrades.

Their LinkedIn page screams, “I have better things to do than maintain a healthy social presence“, which might be the right call for the California-based company.

8. Forbes – 18,101,664 Followers

Forbes' official profile page on LinkedIn
Forbes’ official profile page on LinkedIn

Forbes is just as professional and sleek-looking on LinkedIn as it is on a hard-cover magazine or a digital illustration. They have a really short “About” page, with some more info about work life at their company, and various posts about… Forbes stuff.

They also have several job offers (67 at the time of writing this article), and over 18.1 million people are following their page.

I can bet you they’re quite strict during interviews when hiring people, though. They sort of give that impression from their LinkedIn profile page.

9. IBM – 15,150,018 Followers

IBM's official profile page on LinkedIn
IBM’s official profile page on LinkedIn

When was the last time you heard about IBM? That’s right, they’ve been inconspicuous for the better part of their existence, and it’s the same with their LinkedIn organization page.

Really simple stuff – a short About page, a list of their products, some posts about recent innovations and projects they’re involved in, and about 8,809 job offers. That’s right, they’re hiring a ton of people.

Unlike the other companies on this list, though, IBM has events and videos posted on its profile page. Which is quite something coming from them…

10. Nestlé – 14,424,396 Followers

Nestlé's official profile page on LinkedIn
Nestlé’s official profile page on LinkedIn

Nestlé is very clear on the fact that it is a very old, respectable, and excellence-driven company right from the get-go. Its About page on LinkedIn emphasizes these aspects quite strongly.

The company’s more than 14.4 million followers are closely watching for its latest posts and its job offerings, which number in the thousands. Right now, there’s even a job offering in my city, which is quite unexpected.

It seems that Nestlé is expanding everywhere, which is good, I guess?

11. Harvard Business Review – 14,095,765 Followers

Harvard Business Review's official profile page on LinkedIn
Harvard Business Review’s official profile page on LinkedIn

Harvard Business Reviews incorporates magazines, internationally licensed editions, books, digital content, and various tools and insights aimed at helping professionals make the right decisions.

At least, that’s what their LinkedIn homepage says. They’re posting about company culture, and the AI revolution, offer insights into job interviews and cover letters, and more.

However, it seems they’re not hiring anyone, so their page is solely dedicated to offering insights and advice to anyone interested.

They’re also promoting events on their LinkedIn page, which is nice to see and great for anyone interested in this stuff.

12. The Economist – 13,160,350 Followers

The Economist's official profile page on LinkedIn
The Economist’s official profile page on LinkedIn

Surely, you’ve heard about The Economist, the famous British weekly newspaper that’s also published digitally. It covers global news and goes into quite the analyses in many cases.

Naturally, their LinkedIn page is filled with the latest news coverage while also offering a few job opportunities for anyone interested.

They also offer a couple of insights about working for their company, including the fact that they’re big on diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility. They also want to reduce their carbon footprint because, of course, they do.

Everyone and their mother claims to want to reduce their carbon footprint just to get some social recognition and play the good guys. Who can you trust at this point, really?

Eh, at this point, this claim seems so overly utilized by everyone that you can’t help but think – are they really following up on their claims, or are they just saying to look good? Food for thought…

13. Tata Consultancy Services – 12,284,519 Followers

Tata Consultancy Series' official profile page on LinkedIn
Tata Consultancy Services’ official profile page on LinkedIn

As the 13th most popular organization on LinkedIn, Tata Consultancy Services has over 12.2 million followers. They are an Indian organization established in Mumbai that offers technology and consulting services around the world.

Their LinkedIn homepage says that they are led by the common goal of achieving a better future through technology, innovation, and collective knowledge.

And they are also India’s largest multinational business group, with over 500,000 consultants around the world.

They also have some in-house products promoted on their homepage, as well as over 6,000 jobs available for anyone interested.

This organization gave me the impression that they care a lot about their image, and it seems they’re posting about recent achievements, celebrations of national holidays, and more.

14. Deloitte – 11,965,076 Followers

Deloitte's official profile page on LinkedIn
Deloitte’s official profile page on LinkedIn

As one of the “Big Four” accounting firms in the world, Deloitte (short for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited) has a really simplistic and to-the-point profile page on LinkedIn.

They’re posting regularly about new job offers, brand-new technologies they’re working with, and random bits of economic insights that seem quite interesting, come to think of it.

They’re also hiring around 55,000 people at the time of writing this article, and they’re very supportive of women’s leadership. All in all, their almost 12 million followers on LinkedIn are keeping a close watch on the organization’s next post!

15. Insider Business – 11,429,806 Followers

Insider Business' official profile page on LinkedIn
Insider Business’ official profile page on LinkedIn

Insider, formerly known as Business Insider, is almost as renowned as Forbes. That’s right, Insider is a news conglomerate mostly focused on business and economic topics.

Their LinkedIn page shows upcoming events, newsletters you can subscribe to, insights on their business, and no job offer. They’re not hiring at the moment, it seems.

They also don’t have any page dedicated to explaining more about their work culture and ethics, which seems refreshing for the first time. Other than that, there’s nothing more to say. Quite a professional LinkedIn page.

16. Tesla – 11,226,101 Followers

Tesla's official profile page on LinkedIn
Tesla’s official profile page on LinkedIn

Tesla also has a LinkedIn page, of course. With over 11.2 million followers, the “company of the future” mentions the keywords “Sustainable energy” right from the get-go.

It seems Tesla is also hiring some 7,000 people, though you wouldn’t think that given Elon Musk’s recent layoffs.

But here we are – the company is even posting about hiring new people when they’re not talking about some revolutionary technology they’re working on.

Tesla doesn’t talk about its work culture and how fine and dandy it is to work for them, either, similar to Insider Business. I like that.

17. Accenture – 10,417,017 Followers

Accenture's official profile page on LinkedIn
Accenture’s official profile page on LinkedIn

I hadn’t heard about Accenture before this article, but apparently, they’re a pretty big company that offers information technology services and consulting.

On their official LinkedIn page, it says that they offer Strategy, Consulting, Technology, and Operations services in over 40 industries.

They have over 710,000 employees and are quite determined to help everyone and make the world a better place.

They also had 20,083 jobs on offer at the time of writing this article, which means they’re looking to expand their workforce considerably.

In past events that they promoted on their page, they talked about AI, the Metaverse, brand responsibility, and some other things.

18. Meta – 9,707,735 Followers

Meta's official profile page on LinkedIn
Meta’s official profile page on LinkedIn

Ahh, Meta, which we all know and love as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and the rest of the Family of Apps.

At the time of writing this article, Meta’s stock price had a -4.54% decrease, and they were hiring around 1,076 people, so things weren’t looking quite good.

But their LinkedIn page seemed clean, refreshing, and pretty much what you’d expect from a multi-billion dollar company.

Over 122,705 of their employees follow them on LinkedIn, and they’re regularly posting about new projects, achievements, and breakthroughs.

Lately, Zuckerberg has moved on from the Metaverse and veered toward AI, did you hear? I’ll cover that topic pretty soon, so make sure you stay tuned!

19. The Wall Street Journal – 9,682,866 Followers

The Wall Street Journal's official profile page on LinkedIn
The Wall Street Journal’s official profile page on LinkedIn

Another news organization, The Wall Street Journal, is the “winner of 37 Pulitzer Prizes for outstanding journalism“, as their official LinkedIn page says.

Naturally, they’re posting quite regularly about news around the world in politics, arts, culture, sports, lifestyle, health, and a lot more. Currently, they have 89 job openings available if anyone’s interested.

In this case, they’re talking about corporate life at their company, how they’re making breakthroughs at achieving a sense of community and caring for all their employees equally. The modern spiel, really.

Their almost 10 million followers on LinkedIn are regularly commenting on news articles and coverage of events around the world, so their audience is quite engaged with them. All in all, The Wall Street Journal builds a lot of credibility and community engagement through its LinkedIn presence.

20. Netflix – 9,643,566 Followers

Netflix's official profile page on LinkedIn
Netflix’s official profile page on LinkedIn

Last on our list is Netflix, with over 9.6 million followers on Netflix. They had 291 job offerings when I wrote this article, and their presence on LinkedIn seemed nothing special. It was the same “we’re all inclusive, accepting and striving to build a sense of community” spiel we’re all accustomed to.

They had a lot of information about life at Netflix and their work ethics, as well as multiple resources that people could access to find out more – a blog, podcast, and a YouTube channel.

Their stock price has also been dropping recently, a -2.11% at the time of writing this article. Well, that’s not really unexpected from Netflix. They’ve been hitting a rough patch lately.

So, there you are – the top 20 most popular organization accounts on LinkedIn! Some of them are totally expected, like Amazon and Google, and others are not so much. But most have a pretty solid follower base on LinkedIn.

Stay tuned for more interesting perspectives on social media, no matter which direction that may take us!


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