Popularity Meter: Pinterest’s 10 Most Followed Accounts 2023

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Popularity Meter: Pinterest’s 10 Most Followed Accounts 2023

Pinterest is a very bizarre social media platform for me. I could never fully grasp what it’s all about but recently, I’ve come to appreciate its novelty and ever-fresh content.

In this article, I’ll be looking at the top 10 most followed people on Pinterest. They’re also the biggest earners on the platform due to ad marketing.

Without further ado, let’s go through the list!

1. Oh Joy (Joy Cho) – 15.2 Million Followers

Joy Cho's profile page on Pinterest
Joy Cho’s profile page on Pinterest

Joy Cho is the Founder and Creative Director of Oh Joy, a Pinterest business account that creates various licensed products like kids and pet collections, home décor, and more.

She’s been working with renowned companies like Target, Petco, Band-Aid, Keds, and others. With over 15.2 million followers on Pinterest, she’s definitely the most popular person on the platform.

You can find fashion posts on her page, alongside foodie posts, home décor posts, and pretty much anything else related to design. She’s been the most popular person on Pinterest for quite some time, and no one’s dethroning her any time soon!

2. Poppy Talk (Jan Halvarson) – 10.4 Million Followers

Jan Halvarson's profile page on Pinterest
Jan Halvarson’s profile page on Pinterest

Poppytalk is both an account on Pinterest and a standalone website. Jan Halvarson is the Founder and Creative Director of the creative studio and website.

Together with the co-founder Einarson, they produce DIY projects, recipes, product designs, video hacks, and other nifty tricks for their audience.

Their Pinterest account is very focused on DIY projects, and I’d bet that’s where most of their ad money is coming from. Not a bad idea, actually.

Poppytalk has over 10.4 million followers and over 2 million monthly views, which is really good considering the platform’s competitive landscape. Still, there’s a difference of almost 5 million followers between Oh Joy’s and Poppytalk’s accounts.

3. Maryann Rizzo – 9 Million Followers

Maryann Rizzo's profile page on Pinterest
Maryann Rizzo’s profile page on Pinterest

Maryanne Rizzo is yet another interior designer “with a great eye for everything beautiful“, as she herself says on her profile page.

Going through her pins on her profile page, I could see food, interior design in all shapes and forms, even some fashion here and there, and more food.

It’s no wonder she has over 9 million followers on Instagram. People can also email her with questions about interior design and things like that.

4. Mamas Uncut – 8.5 Million Followers

Mamas Uncut's profile page on Pinterest
Mamas Uncut’s profile page on Pinterest

Mamas Uncut is Pinterest’s biggest parenting account (also a website) that focuses on mon Q&A, parenting advice, news, trends, home hacks, baby names, and more. They’ve also got tattoos (?) and humor on the side.

Going through their posts is a bit random because you’ll be seeing tattoos alongside pictures of baby feet, suggestions for tattoos and baby names, and funny posts.

Not exactly an account focused on one single thing. But they have over 8.5 million followers, so whatever they’re doing is working great.

Their account is also getting over 10 million monthly views, which is a lot, even by Pinterest standards.

5. Jane Wang – 7.7 Million Followers

Jane Wang's profile page on Pinterest
Jane Wang’s profile page on Pinterest

Jane Wang is a penguin, according to her Pinterest profile. A Chinstrap Penguin, no less. On the more serious side, her profile page is filled with boards.

The “Delicious” board is, by far, her most popular board with over 21,645 pins and 6.39 million followers. Her other boards include “Learn“, “Happy“, “Inspiration“, “Issues“, “Amazing“, and more.

Food, politics, female empowerment, funny stuff, interior design, animals, photography, drawing, and cultural posts, you can find everything on Wang’s boards.

With over 7.7 million followers, she’s the 5th most popular account on Pinterest.

6. HonestlyWTF – 7.2 Million Followers

HonestlyWTF's profile page on Pinterest
HonestlyWTF’s profile page on Pinterest

Erica Chan Coffman is the creator and curator of the HonestlyWTF Pinterest profile, and what you’ll find here is exactly what you’re thinking of – extraordinary and mind-blowing stuff.

Erica posts about anything that blows her mind and you’ll find food, interior design, fashion, and a host of other topics among her posts.

There doesn’t seem to be a main focus to her posts, which shows just how chaotic the world’s extraordinariness is.

Her most popular board is “DIY“, which does seem to be popular overall on Pinterest. Hmm, I smell some opportunity here.

But in any case, if you too like to be awed by life’s unexpected surprises, then HonestlyWTF is definitely the Pinterest board for you!

7. Bonnie Tsang – 7 Million Followers

Bonnie Tsang's profile page on Pinterest
Bonnie Tsang’s profile page on Pinterest

A visual artist and mom of 2 girls, Bonnie Tsang has been named one of the “Top 30 Pinterest Curators to Follow” by Time Magazine.

She also has her own website where she deals with photography and videography, art direction, social content, styling, and more. She’s collaborated with various companies and entrepreneurs throughout the years, as well.

Most of her Pinterest page is about art, whether that’s photos or videos (mostly videos) but you can also find food-related posts, traveling, and interior design ideas.

She has over 7 million followers on her Pinterest account, so she’s definitely worth paying attention to if you’re looking to follow a popular account on the platform!

8. Pejper (anna k) – 6.8 Million Followers

Pejper's profile page on Pinterest
Pejper’s profile page on Pinterest

Meet the most popular Swedish account on Pinterest. It’s owned by a woman named Anna K. and she’s mainly interested in capturing beautiful moments and creating art.

Aestheticism rules her Pinterest boards, and her “Love Living” board, which shows women with flowers, is the most popular and followed on her account.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or simply want to find a moment of joy, Anna’s Pinterest account is one you definitely have to check out.

She has over 6.8 million followers but only 12.6k monthly views, which makes me wonder why her account isn’t visited more often.

9. Veanad – 5.2 Million Followers

Veanad's profile page on Pinterest
Veanad’s profile page on Pinterest

Veanad is the account of an architect living in Seattle, and you’ll mostly find interior and exterior design posts on this account.

But you’ll also find other niches of aestheticism, like beautiful women, coiffures, and entire boards dedicated to jewelry, wardrobes, and more.

There’s also an entire board with semi-naked women in bathing suits, drinking wine, and so on. You get the idea. This account is a bit weird to me but then again, the entirety of Pinterest is a bit odd to me.

With over 5.2 million followers, Veanad is number 9 on this list in terms of popularity.

10. Christine Martinez Loya – 5 Million Followers

Christine Martinez Loya's profile page on Pinterest
Christine Martinez Loya’s profile page on Pinterest

Christine is an ex-interior designer who decided one day to leave her job and create a social media following. She did that on Pinterest where she garners the attention of more than 5 million people.

The niche that made her so popular was “Quotes” where she posts inspirational quotes with a monochrome background. Not quite revolutionary but people like that.

Her most followed board is “Words to Live By“, with over 4.49 million followers. As you can imagine, the board is about inspirational quotes.

Go have a look for yourself and maybe you’ll find a new account to follow on Pinterest.

And that’s all with this article. See you at the next one!

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