What is Null on a Facebook Post?

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What is Null on a Facebook Post?

Many people are reporting “Null” Facebook posts. This might mean that:

  1. You posted a text post, and instead of the text, there’s only the “Null” description
  2. You posted a picture with a caption, but the caption now says “Null

Both of these situations manifest the same, and there are two possible explanations for this – an error or Facebook is restricting you.

If it’s an error, restart Facebook, clear its cache, or restart your device. This should solve the “Null” problem.

But if Facebook is restricting you, then that’s another problem altogether. You’ll need to contact Facebook support and ask them what’s wrong.

This article will explain what “Null” is and how to get rid of it on your Facebook posts!

What is Null on a Facebook Post?

Null” refers to void, nothingness, a lack of something. In the case of a Facebook post, it means that there’s nothing written in it.

Your text is replaced with “null” to signify something bad happened. Either it was a glitch/error, or Facebook has restricted your ability to comment.

This problem is unclear, but many users are dealing with it.

If you’re also wondering what’s up with the “Null” description in your Facebook posts, I have several solutions to help you.

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What is Null on a Facebook Post?

How to Solve “Null” on a Facebook Post?

I have four solutions if you want to solve the “Null” issue on Facebook:

  • Restart your phone
  • Force-close Facebook and reopen it
  • Clean the Facebook cache
  • Contact Facebook customer support

After you’re done with this article, you should have no more problems with the “Null” description on your Facebook posts.

We’ll start with the simplest and easiest solutions. If these don’t help you, we’ll move on to more advanced solutions.

If nothing works, you should contact Facebook customer support and tell them about your problem.

Restart Your Phone

You should restart your phone if you get a “Null” result when trying to post a comment.

This method has shown some results with some users, and it may solve your problem. It also takes a few seconds, so it’s worth a shot.

If it doesn’t work, then move to another solution.

Force-close Facebook and Reopen It

After you restart your phone, try opening Facebook and see if the “Null” issue persists. If it does, then try force-restarting Facebook.

To do this, tap/press the “Overview” button on your phone. It’s one of the three buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Tap/press the “Overview” button on your phone
Tap/press the “Overview” button on your phone

On my phone, it’s the button to the far left, which looks like a square. Your icons may look different, but they’ll do the same thing.

After you press the Overview button, you’ll see the screen changing.

Press the Overview button
Press the Overview button

This is an “Overview” of the apps running in the background. To force-close an app, swipe right or tap on the X button.

If you don’t have an X button, swipe left or right on an app to close it. This will force-close and shut down the app instance.

Closing the instance might repair any bugs or errors with the app. Reopen Facebook and see if the “Null” problem persists.

If it does, move to the other solutions on this list!

Clear the Facebook Cache

This solution works in 9/10 cases and removes any bugs or errors that are making your Facebook experience worse.

I’ve tested this, and based on what other users claim, it can instantly solve the “Null” problem.

To clear the Facebook cache, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your phone Settings
Go to your phone Settings
Go to your phone Settings

First, you need to access your settings if you want to clear the Facebook cache. Find the Gear icon on your phone.

That’s where you’ll find the phone settings. Tap on the icon and proceed with the next step!

  1. Tap on “Apps
Tap on “Apps”
Tap on “Apps”

In the “Settings,” find the “Apps” option by scrolling through the options. Then, please select it and move to the next step.

  1. Tap on “Manage Apps
Tap on “Manage Apps”
Tap on “Manage Apps”

Once you select “Apps,” you’ll be taken to another screen with multiple options. Look for the “Manage Apps” or “App List” option and tap on it.

Depending on how your operating system is structured, this step might not apply in your case.

Skip this step if necessary.

  1. Find “Facebook” and select it
Find “Facebook” and select it
Find “Facebook” and select it

In the app list, you have to find Facebook. Use the search bar at the top of the screen to find it faster.

If you don’t have a search bar, look for Facebook manually. When you find it, tap on it to open the settings.

  1. Tap on “Clear Data
Tap on “Clear Data”
Tap on “Clear Data”

In the “App Info” page of the Facebook app, look at the bottom for the “Clear Data” option and tap on it.

This page will look the same, no matter your mobile device or operating system.

  1. Tap on “Clear Cache
Tap on “Clear Cache”
Tap on “Clear Cache”

Once you tap on “Clear Data,” you’ll open a pop-up menu with two options – “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache.”

Select “Clear Cache” and confirm if necessary. It’ll take a few seconds for the Facebook cache to be cleared.

Once it finishes, reopen Facebook and see if the “Null” problem is still there. This time, it should be gone.

If it’s not, you only have one solution left!

Contact Facebook Customer Support

By now, the “Null” problem should be gone, but if it persists, you should contact Facebook customer support.

Only they can help you at this point. You can do this in the Facebook app. Follow the steps below to submit a report to Facebook:

  1. Tap on the Menu icon
Tap on the Menu icon
Tap on the Menu icon

First step – tap on the Hamburger icon in the top-right corner of your Feed. This will open a menu where you’ll find the support options.

  1. Tap on “Help & Support
Tap on “Help & Support”
Tap on “Help & Support”

In the Menu, scroll down until you see the “Help & Support” option. Tap on it and continue with the next step.

  1. Select “Report a problem
Select “Report a problem”
Select “Report a problem”

Next, tap on the “Report a problem” option. This is where you’ll be able to report a problem to Facebook support.

You’ll be asked to confirm, and you’ll need to tap on “Report Problem” again.

Report Problem
Report Problem

If you don’t see this button, it’s because you have the “Shake phone to report a problem” option enabled.

Disable it and repeat the last 2 steps to see the blue “Report Problem” button. Tap on it now!

  1. Select ”Include in report
Select ”Include in report”
Select ”Include in report”

In this next window, you’ll be asked whether you want to send a detailed report that includes your device and account data to Facebook.

This will help them figure out your problem faster, so I recommend including this report as well.

Tap on the blue option and proceed!

  1. Select “Photos
Select “Photos”
Select “Photos”

On this page, you’ll need to select the appropriate category for your report. I’ve selected “Photos” because the “Null” issue appears when you try to post photos most times.

If you have a different issue, then select another category!

  1. Describe your issue, attach a photo, and send the report
Describe your issue, attach a photo, and send the report
Describe your issue, attach a photo, and send the report

Finally, you should describe your problem in as much detail as necessary. Tell them about the “Null” issue and what you did to solve it.

You can copy my description from the photo above if you want to. I also recommend attaching a picture that shows your problem.

Then, tap on the airplane icon in the top-right corner to send the report!

Facebook support will reply in several business days, if not sooner. They should have a solution to your problem.


The “Null” notification will appear when you try to post something, either with or without a photo.

If you continue despite this notification, the text in your post will be replaced with “Null.”

This is how it’ll appear to your friends and everyone else in public. It’s like you’d intentionally posted a post with the word “Null” written there.

To solve this issue, you can:

  • Restart your phone
  • Force-restart Facebook
  • Clear the Facebook cache
  • Contact Facebook customer support

One of these solutions should work for you. If you have any questions, leave them below, and I’ll reply as soon as possible!

Why would Facebook restrict me with “Null”?

A cause for the “Null” error is that Facebook has restricted your ability to comment. This may happen for one of the following reasons:

– You’ve been reported for a violation of the user guidelines
– You’ve already been punished several times for spamming or other violations
– You’re a known Facebook offender 

Facebook has flagged your post as a violation of the user guidelines
Sometimes, Facebook will not outright delete your post but replace the content with “Null.”

The only way you can solve this is by contacting Facebook support and asking them to stop restricting you.

It may be necessary to reassure them that you won’t violate any future guidelines.

What if none of the solutions above work?

Although highly unlikely, perhaps none of the solutions above works for you. Not even Facebook customer support has a solution for your issue.

In this case, you may want to try reinstalling Facebook or using an older version. You can get older versions of Facebook from “androidapksfree.com.”

Uninstall the current version, install the older one, and then disable the auto-update feature in the Play Store.

You can also try using Facebook from a browser instead of your mobile phone app.

Although it doesn’t seem to be a connection, the Facebook app might be bugged.

Try using Facebook from your computer or a friend’s device. If it works on a different device, it means your device is to blame.

One of these solutions should help you pinpoint the exact problem and help you solve the “Null” issue!

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