Why Is the Odysee Video Player Buffering?

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Why Is the Odysee Video Player Buffering?

Are you encountering buffering issues with Odysee’s video player? Well, if the latest update to Odyssey still hasn’t made things better for you (it most likely didn’t), you might want to follow this guide.

Some of the possible reasons why Odysee might be buffering:

  • Low internet speed
  • Full browser cache
  • Some extensions causing the problem
  • Problems with the Odysee servers
  • Issues with your headphone jack

I’ve made another guide on how to solve YouTube buffering, which you can find here. You can follow that guide to troubleshoot your buffering issue with Odysee as well, as the issues are kinda related.

But I’m still going to give you some tips and tricks here as well – that’s why you are here after all.

Issues with Odysee severs: potential causes?

Here’s the thing – Odysee wasn’t always ready to support so many users watching the videos simultaneously (looks like people like all those weird Trump videos Odysee has).

Until a few months ago, all the videos were hosted on a single server (yes, really), in a single location (they were asking for it, apparently).

So if you were farther away from that location, tough luck. You’d have some buffering issues.

But recently, Odysee has released an announcement saying that they’ve improved the browsing and playback speed.

No more buffering… well kinda, but not really. So, the server issues should not exist anymore, at least in theory.

But apparently many people still ask me all the time how to fix it, as they still encounter them from now and then.

Two methods I can recommend are: clearing your cache or disconnecting and then connecting back to your WiFi. Usually, these will fix it.

You might also have a slow internet speed, in which case you might want to perform an internet speed test, and then get a better internet subscription from your internet provider (but restarting WiFi usually solves this).

Nah, this still hasn’t fixed it. What now?

If you still have buffering issues on Odysee after trying out the solutions I showed you above (clearing your cache and resetting your WiFi), you should contact Odysee directly.

There’s no other choice. Let them know what’s happening, and maybe they can help you out (but probably won’t lol).

You can contact them through email or Discord. Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner and select “Help“.

Then, you’ll be taken to another page with several options. You can submit feedback by clicking on “Submit Feedback” at the bottom of the page.

Or select “Email Us” to send them an email about your issue.

In a few days, you should receive a reply from Odysee, and you may be able to fix your buffering issue.

Personally, I’ve tested the two other methods I mentioned above, and in every case, those fixed all the buffering I encountered.

If I were to point out the likeliest cause for buffering then that would be a slow internet speed. Oh, and a slow computer with insufficient processing power.


To summarize, the Odysee video player could be buffering for several reasons, including:

  • Low internet speed
  • Full browser cache
  • Some extensions causing the problem
  • Problems with the Odysee servers
  • Issues with your headphone jack

Troubleshoot these issues, and you’ll find the cause for your buffering problems on Odysee. If you have other questions about Odysee, feel free to leave a comment down below!

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