Pinterest’s Global Userbase Evolution – Everything You Need to Know

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Pinterest’s Global Userbase Evolution – Everything You Need to Know

In a previous article, we’ve already seen how Pinterest’s financial data isn’t exactly up to snuff with what you’d expect from a top-tier social media platform.

Quite the opposite, Pinterest has been operating at a loss for most of its history. Only recently have some profitable quarters emerged. The company may yet turn over a new leaf.

But today, I’ll be looking at Pinterest’s user base throughout the years, both the global audience and country-based statistics. We’ll also see the MAU (monthly active users) for the company and draw some conclusions.

Without further ado, let’s get going!

20 Countries with the Most Pinterest Users in January 2023

I’m using data from Statista, which is as recent as January 2023, so it’s fresh and up-to-date. You’ll see which countries have the most Pinterest users and how the audience is split, country-wise.

Let’s see the chart (plus this one):

CountryNumber of Pinterest UsersPenetration Rate
United States84.6 million 29.4%
Brazil28.05 million15.7%
Mexico19.45 million19.2%
Germany15.88 million21.7%
France10.65 million19.3%
Canada8.44 million25.2%
Italy8.08 million15.3%
United Kingdom7.61 million13.2%
Argentina7.09 million19.4%
Spain7.01 million16.7%
Japan6.93 million6.2%
Colombia5.97 million14.1%
Poland5.42 million15%
Netherlands4.43 million29%
Chile3.57 million21.6%
Australia3.45 million15.5%
Belgium2.69 million26.8%
Portugal2.06 million22.6%
Romania2.01 million11.6%
Greece1.84 million20%

As you can see, the US holds most of the world’s Pinterest users (as much as Brazil, Mexico, Germany, France, and Canada combined).

Most European countries have under 10 million Pinterest users, and some have under 5 million users. Belgium, Portugal, and Romania have under 3 million Pinterest users.

This goes to show that the app has never gained too much traction outside the US and a few key European countries like Germany and France.

This is one of the causes of Pinterest’s financial destitution, clearly. The company has to do something and expand outward.

The penetration rate is also the highest in the US but other countries come pretty close. Canada, Portugal, Belgium, Chile, Greece, and Germany have penetration rates above 20%.

Next up, we’re going to look at the monthly active users worldwide!

Pinterest Monthly Active Users Worldwide Q1 2016 – Q4 2022

This is where it becomes clear whether Pinterest has been growing in terms of userbase or not. The company’s MAU is one of the best indicators of healthy user growth or stagnation.

Here’s the chart:

PeriodMonthly Active Pinterest Users% Increase/Decrease
Q1 2016128 million
Q2 2016135 million+5.46% from last quarter
Q3 2016150 million+11.11% from last quarter
Q4 2016160 million+6.66% from last quarter
Q1 2017175 million+9.37% from last quarter
Q2 2017185 million+5.71% from last quarter
Q3 2017204 million+10.27% from last quarter
Q4 2017216 million+5.88% from last quarter
Q1 2018239 million+10.64% from last quarter
Q2 2018231 million-3.34% from last quarter
Q3 2018251 million+8.65% from last quarter
Q4 2018265 million+5.57% from last quarter
Q1 2019291 million+9.81% from last quarter
Q2 2019300 million+3.09% from last quarter
Q3 2019322 million+7.33% from last quarter
Q4 2019335 million+4.03% from last quarter
Q1 2020367 million+9.55% from last quarter
Q2 2020416 million+13.35% from last quarter
Q3 2020442 million+6.25% from last quarter
Q4 2020459 million+3.84 from last quarter
Q1 2021478 million+4.13% from last quarter
Q2 2021454 million-5.02% from last quarter
Q3 2021444 million-2.20% from last quarter
Q4 2021431 million-2.92% from last quarter
Q1 2022433 million+0.46% from last quarter
Q2 2022433 million0% from last quarter
Q3 2022445 million+2.77% from last quarter
Q4 2022450 million+1.12% from last quarter

It’s great to see that Pinterest has indeed grown its userbase throughout the years. From Q4 2016 to Q4 2022, there’s been a 181.25% increase in monthly active users for the platform.

From 160 to 450 million users; that’s a pretty big leap but not remarkable considering the 6-year period. During the same period, Facebook grew from 1.86 billion to 2.963 billion, a 59.3% increase.

Even though Pinterest’s percentage growth is higher, Facebook is vastly more impressive because its MAU is much closer to saturation compared to Pinterest.

Compare Pinterest’s 160 million users in Q4 2016 to Facebook’s 1.86 billion. That’s a 1,062% difference in Facebook’s favor. The more users a platform has, the slower its growth tends to be, and the harder it is to retain all those users.

Still, Pinterest should break the 500 million MAU milestone pretty soon. That’s not too shabby at all.

Next, I’ll show you the monthly active users from Q1 2016 to Q4 2022 per region. This should help us understand where is Pinterest most popular across time.

Pinterest Monthly Active Users Q1 2016 – Q4 2022 per World Region

In the previous chart, we’ve seen how the US had more Pinterest users than any other individual country in the world. But what about world regions? Does the US still hold supremacy?

Let’s see the chart:

PeriodUnited StatesInternationalEuropeUnited States and CanadaRest of the World
Q1 201665 million63 million
Q2 201665 million70 million
Q3 201669 million81 million
Q4 201670 million90 million
Q1 201771 million104 million
Q2 201771 million114 million
Q3 201774 million129 million
Q4 201776 million139 million
Q1 201880 million160 million
Q2 201875 million156 million
Q3 201880 million171 million
Q4 201882 million184 million
Q1 201985 million184 million
Q2 201985 million206 million
Q3 201985 million215 million
Q4 201987 million235 million
Q1 202090 million277 million
Q2 202096 million321 million
Q3 202098 million343 million
Q4 202098 million361 million
Q1 202198 million380 million
Q2 202191 million363 million
Q3 202189 million356 million
Q4 202186 million346 million
Q1 2022120 million94 million220 million
Q2 2022117 million92 million223 million
Q3 2022120 million95 million230 million
Q4 2022124 million95 million231 million

A quick disclaimer – the 2016-2021 period uses the United States – International metric, whereas the 2021-2022 period divides the “International” metric into two: Europe and the Rest of the World.

The US becomes the United States and Canada. The reason for this change is unclear but it’s likely due to a change in the methodology of compiling and analyzing the data. The “United States and Canada” metric is likely more relevant than the US alone.

In any case, it’s clear from the chart that Pinterest has been gaining popularity much faster internationally than it has in the US. Even when you combine the US + Canada, the numbers still favor Europe and the rest of the world.

What this tells me is that Pinterest has done a good job marketing itself internationally. Based on the penetration rate I mentioned previously, the US still holds supreme but other countries come pretty damn close.

Pinterest’s Worldwide User Distribution by Gender in January 2023

Pinterest is the only social media platform in the world where the gender balance is heavily skewered toward women.

You’ll see in the following chart what I’m talking about:

GenderPercentage of Pinterest Users

Pinterest’s female userbase is 76.2% while the male userbase is 17.2%. Even if all the unspecified-gender users were male (highly unlikely), the male users would only account for 23.8% of the user base.

There are more than three times more women than men on Pinterest, in other words. The platform seems to cater to women more than anything else, which is understandable.

Pinterest is mostly a creative’s paradise where home design takes center stage. Everything design-related will find a home on Pinterest, and that’s where women shine the brightest.

Below, I’ll show you Pinterest’s distribution in terms of age and gender as of January 2022. You’ll see both the gender and age gap in action, and it shouldn’t be surprising at all.

Pinterest’s Worldwide User Distribution by Age Group & Gender in January 2023

Now that you’ve seen which gender is more prevalent on Pinterest, care to guess what’s the most common age among Pinterest users?

Let’s see in the chart below:

AgeShare of Male UsersShare of Female UsersShare of Unspecified Users

Women aged 25-34 are the most numerous users on Pinterest, according to this Statista data, followed by women aged 18-24.

Men are a very small minority across all ages on Pinterest, which goes to show how Pinterest has become a female-centric social media platform.

The question remains, though – will Pinterest try to attract more male users to the platform or double down on its popularity with female users?

If you ask me, it wouldn’t be a bad thing for Pinterest to extend its reach across all genders. The more users, the more activity and the more ad money, correct?

On the other hand, the platform should also keep doing what it’s been doing because women are absolutely in love with Pinterest. And the way I hear it, Pinterest has become more and more popular recently.

Next, I’ll present a very interesting piece of data. Keep reading!

Pinterest Users Data Requests Issued by the US in Q1 2018 – Q2 2021

Do you know how every social media platform has its fair share of user data requests, search warrants, takedown orders, and so on? Well, Pinterest is no exception.

Just in Q2 2021, the platform received 81 user data requests by US federal authorities. Below, you’ll find a chart detailing the number of user data requests in a 3-year period from 2018 to 2021.

PeriodNumber of User Data Requests
Q1 201812
Q2 201812
Q3 201820
Q4 201813
Q1 201919
Q2 201928
Q3 201934
Q4 201915
Q1 202046
Q2 202076
Q1 202186
Q2 202181

It seems that, over time, Pinterest has received more and more user data requests from US government agencies. The good thing is that the platform requires a search warrant, subpoena or a court order to provide user information.

It’s not a loose-tongued social media platform that’ll just serve your information on a platter to the first-comer.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any information about the number of user data requests that Pinterest actually honored in this timeframe.

This next piece of data will offer the keen perspective of how well Pinterest has been doing lately in terms of increasing its user base.

Evolution of MAU Worldwide for 8 Social Media Platforms in 2019-2021

To truly put things into perspective, I’ve decided to compare Pinterest’s MAU (monthly active users) growth with that of other social media platforms.

Here’s what I found:

PlatformGrowth of MAU from 2019 to 2021

This is… quite a bit surprising. If you’d have asked me how Pinterest’s userbase growth compares to other social media platforms, I’d have placed it last. Or among the last.

But, based on this chart, Pinterest is the second fastest-growing social media platform in the world during the 2019-2021 period.

Its monthly active user base has grown by 32%, which is just a bit behind TikTok’s 38%. Every other major social media platform lags behind Pinterest, including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.

I’ll have to revise my opinion of Pinterest’s popularity based on what I found today. And I hope this article proves helpful to you too!

Pinterest has definitely been pulling some major numbers in terms of userbase growth and new user attraction.

But that’s all I have for today. I’ll see you at the next one 😀


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