How to Put Snapchat Filters on Videos from Camera Roll?

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How to Put Snapchat Filters on Videos from Camera Roll?

Did you know that you can edit pre-made photos in your gallery that you can post on Snapchat? You can add filters to them by uploading them to Snapchat from your gallery.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Snapchat
  2. Tap on the “Rectangles” icon
  3. Select a picture
  4. Tap on the “Pen” icon
  5. Tap on the “Filters” icon
  6. Add a filter
  7. Send the picture to a friend

It won’t take long to edit e pre-existing photo from your gallery and add a filter. Keep reading to see how you do it!

1. Tap on the “Rectangles” icon

Accessing the camera roll from Snapchat.
Tap on the “Rectangles” icon

Once you open Snapchat, you’ll land on the Camera feature, where you can take a photo to send. Look for the “Rectangles” icon next to the big circle at the bottom of the app.

Tap on the “Rectangle” icon and continue with the guide!

2. Select a photo

Selecting a photo from a phone's camera roll.
Select a photo

Once you’re in your camera roll, scroll down until you find the photo you want to edit and tap on it. This will zoom in on the picture and let you edit it or send it as is.

3. Tap on the “Pen” icon

Tapping the pen icon to edit a video from the camera roll on Snapchat.
Tap on the “Pen” icon

Once you select the photo, look for the “Pen” icon in the lower left corner and select it. This lets you edit the photo and add filters.

4. Tap on the “Filters” icon

Adding filters on Snapchat to a video.
Tap on the “Filters” icon

After you tap on the “Pen” icon, several options will appear on the right side of the app. Find the “Filters” icon (magnifying glass) and tap on it.

5. Select a filter

Selecting a filter on Snapchat to add to a video.
Select a filter

You’ll see all the filters, lenses, effects, and frames you can use on the photo. Select a category and tap on a filter to see how it applies to the photo.

6. Post the photo

Posting a photo on Snapchat.
Post the photo

If you’re satisfied with the filter and want to send the photo forward, proceed to the next steps and select a friend to send the photo to.

Once you select them, send them the snap!


To summarize, you can Snapchat apply filters to a photo in your camera roll by uploading it via the Camera feature on Snapchat.

Select the photo, go to “Filters“, select a visual effect, and then send the photo to your friend or put it in a story.

You can do this for any photo on your camera roll. Comment below if you have questions or suggestions for new articles about Snapchat.

Stay tuned for more guides on your favorite social media channels!

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