Discovering Your Friends’ Marketplace Listings on Facebook: Step-by-Step Guide

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Discovering Your Friends’ Marketplace Listings on Facebook: Step-by-Step Guide

Wanna see what your friends are selling on the Facebook Marketplace? There’s a simple way to do that, fortunately, and I’m here to show it to you:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account
  2. Tap on the Hamburger icon in the top right corner
  3. Select “Marketplace
  4. Tap on the “Search” icon
  5. Search for your friend’s name
  6. Find their listings

If your friend has a Marketplace listing, you’ll find them using this method. This may not work if they’ve blocked you, however.

Need more details and, preferably, a step-by-step guide with screenshots? What a coincidence, it’s exactly what I did below, so keep reading 😀

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1. Tap on the Hamburger icon

Tap on the Hamburger icon
Tap on the Hamburger icon

Begin by opening the Facebook Marketplace and tapping the three-line icon in the top-right corner (that’s your Menu icon).

This will open a settings page (see below).

2. Select “Marketplace

Select "Marketplace"
Select “Marketplace

Next, you should see several options in this menu (the one above). Look for the Marketplace (highlighted in the picture above) and select it!

3. Tap on the “Search” icon

Tap on the "Search" icon
Tap on the “Search” icon

You should have been redirected to the Marketplace right about now, so tap the search icon (magnifying glass) in the top-right corner to start looking for your friend’s listings.

4. Search for your friend’s name

Search for your friend's name
Search for your friend’s name

After you select the “Search” icon, you’ll be taken to this page. Here, you can search for your friend’s name and look at the results.

You won’t find individual people with this search function. Instead, you’ll find listings in the name of Facebook users.

So, if you know that your friend has a listing for an iPhone 10, for instance, you could search for “iPhone 10” on the Marketplace, though it may take some time to find your friend.

I’d warrant there are many listings for iPhone 10 on the Facebook marketplace.

There’s no other way to find your friend’s Marketplace listing on Facebook. There’s no button on your friend’s profile page that takes you to their Marketplace listings either.

If you have any questions about the Facebook Marketplace or if you’re having issues finding your friend on the Marketplace, leave a comment down below, and I’ll help you figure out what’s wrong.

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Until then, stay tuned for other helpful articles!

Why can’t I find my friend on the Facebook Marketplace?

Did you follow the steps above, and you can’t find your friend’s listings on the Facebook Marketplace?

That can only happen for three reasons:

– There are too many people with the same name as your friend
– Your friend has deleted their listing
– Your friend has made the listing private to his/her friends, which means you can’t see it

There isn’t any solution to these problems other than asking your friend to give you a link to their listing.

Or, if they’ve made their listing private, ask them to make it public so you can see it. If they refuse, tough luck.

There’s nothing you can do.

Does Facebook Marketplace charge a fee?

No, Facebook Marketplace doesn’t charge a fee. It’s free to use the marketplace, buy products, sell products, and make as many listings as you want.

Facebook will never charge you for any of these services. However, Facebook is not responsible for any transactions you settle through the platform.

Moreover, the Facebook Marketplace doesn’t allow you to sell:

– Alcohol
– Animals
– Weapons
– Munitions
– Gift cards
– Event tickets
– Tobacco products
– Healthcare items

As long as you stick to the rules, you should be fine. But even if you’re found breaking the rules, Facebook may only warn you or temporarily disable your access to the Marketplace.

Nothing too bad will happen, and you should regain access to the Marketplace in a few days.

You should also be careful that the description of the item matches the item itself!

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