Best Social Media Platforms for Marketing in 2023

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Written by: Alex Popa


Best Social Media Platforms for Marketing in 2023

Did you know that the average person spends 145 minutes on social media daily? Or that 4.9 billion people use social media worldwide in 2023?

Numbers like these determine companies to go all-in with online marketing and for good reasons. According to Disruptive Advertising, 23% of all online shoppers claim they’re influenced by social media recommendations before buying anything.

And 84% of all online buyers use social media to find opinions about a product they’re interested in (same study as above.) Go read this article for the most important social media trends of 2023!

What I’m saying is that social media is inseparable from online marketing. It’s one of the key components of a brand’s identity and continued success.

For this reason, I’ve decided to create a guide on the best social media platforms to be used for marketing in 2023.

I’ll give you exact reasons why these platforms are a solid choice for building your brand identity. Read the main highlights below or go through each section for extra details!


  • Facebook remains the best social media platform for marketing in 2023. It has the highest ad reach, the most users, and great engagement for its content
  • Most of Facebook’s users are ad-friendly and eligible, which means your ads will reach a lot of people who can buy your products
  • YouTube is the second best social media platform for marketing, with its 2.2 billion global active users and 2.51 billion ad reach worldwide
  • YouTube users watch over a billion hours of video per day
  • WhatsApp offers incredible customer support capabilities for businesses, especially through the WhatsApp Business API
  • WhatsApp’s monthly active users have increased by four times in 3 years, from 50 million in 2020 to 200 million in 2023
  • Instagram has grown exponentially both in ad reach and total active users per month (2.35 billion worldwide and 1.32 billion ad reach)
  • Instagram’s ad reach eligibility is over 50% in 16 countries and the worldwide average is 21.1%, with Turkey having the highest ad reach eligibility (71.1%)
  • Instagram’s Reels have recently spiked in popularity and brands are crowding to use it for promotional content
  • WeChat could put your brand on the map thanks to the platform’s versatility and influence over multiple industries?
  • 78% of people in China use WeChat and the platform has over 1.15 billion users worldwide
  • WeChat’s audience is expected to grow by 3.37% in 2024
  • TikTok is the king of short video content and it has an ad reach of over 1 billion people
  • 15% of all B2B marketer respondents to a Statista study claim that TikTok brings the highest ROI
  • Telegram offers instant customer support capabilities, and its privacy policy is more transparent and safer than WhatsApp’s policy
  • Telegram lets you harness the power of AI to provide automated customer service
  • Snapchat gained over 78 million users in the last year and 59 million in the last quarter alone
  • 69% of all US teens are using Snapchat
  • Snapchat is the second best platform for vertical video formats, other than TikTok
  • Pinterest gives you an ad reach of 250 million users, with 76.2% of them being female
  • Pinterest users are 7 times more likely to buy products that they’ve pinned
  • Pinterest is especially good for the fashion, beauty, DIY, garden, and home industries
  • Twitter has an ad reach of 556 million worldwide and it gained 120 million users in the last year
  • The worldwide eligible ad reach for Twitter is 8.9%, which is very little, possibly pointing at Twitter’s downfall among marketers around the world
  • Reddit lets you build a community around the brand while interacting organically with people, getting feedback, and content ideas, and seeing uncensored ideas about brands
  • LinkedIn helps you with “thought leadership” and to make yourself known among other brands and professionals. You build trust and recognition
  • LinkedIn has an ad reach of 900.2 million and the ad reach eligibility is 16% worldwide (people ages 18+)
  • 48% of marketers plan on increasing their use of LinkedIn for marketing purposes
  • The eSports scene on Twitch has extraordinary marketing potential and great ROI thanks to the platform’s popularity in the gaming industry
  • Twitch had a 73% market share among live streaming apps worldwide in Q1 2022

1. Facebook

Right, Facebook is first on our list due to its sheer industry dominance. As of 2023, Facebook has:

  • 2.958 billion global active users
  • Around 65-70% of all social media referrals as external traffic
  • 36.9% monthly active users vs. the world’s total population
  • 48 million new users in the last year
  • 57.3% monthly active users vs. the world’s total internet users
  • 47.2% monthly active users vs. the world’s 13+ population
  • 67.1% daily active users vs. monthly active users
  • 67% advertising reach vs. Facebook’s worldwide monthly active users
  • 1.98 billion total potential reach of ads worldwide
  • 69% of all US social media users use Facebook

There’s no overstating Facebook’s dominance in the social media sphere. With nearly 3 billion monthly active users, the platform is the largest social media platform in the world.

Around 200 million businesses are using Facebook tools and around 7 million advertisers are on Facebook promoting their businesses.

Facebook offers many content formats, from photos to videos, stories, statuses, and link posts. This makes for a highly flexible playground where you are in control of the marketing channels.

Moreover, the Facebook algorithm is notorious for promoting content that keeps people talking and leads to meaningful interactions.

If you want to create a loyal community on social media, Facebook is your best choice. Communal experiences and the sharing of opinions are highly valued on the platform.

Most importantly, Facebook is mostly used by adults over 18, so they’ll see your ads and will be able to interact with them.

Here’s a table that shows the worldwide advertising reach rate by age on Facebook:

AgeAd Reach Rate per Age vs. the Total Population of the Same Age

As you can see, the 22-29 age category has the highest ad reach among all other age groups (above 50% and reaching up to 76.6%).

This tells us that Facebook’s target audience will see your ads, for the most part. Young adults and middle-aged individuals make up most of the platform’s audience, and they’re also the biggest spenders.

Facebook is a must for any marketing campaign!

2. YouTube

YouTube’s importance as a marketing channel is undisputed. In many cases and for some industries, it’s vastly superior compared to even Facebook.

Here are the most important things to know about YouTube:

  • 2.2 billion global active users
  • 31.4% monthly active users vs. the world’s total population
  • 48.7% monthly active users vs. the world’s total internet users
  • 36.8% monthly active users vs. the world’s 18+ population
  • 2.51 billion total potential reach of ads worldwide
  • 45.6% of the total ad reach age 18+ is female
  • 54.4% of the total ad reach age 18+ is male
  • Around 3.38% of all social media referrals as external traffic

Advertising on YouTube is very easy. Just pay YouTube for the right to showcase your ads on their platform. Sponsorships and partnerships with content creators are another form of promotion.

In some cases, sponsorships are even more worthwhile than traditional ad promotion. That’s because YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform in the world, and there’s no shortage of popular creators there.

YouTube users watch more than a billion hours of video daily on the platform. Imagine harnessing all that watch time for your ads.

Some industries present more lucrative advertising opportunities on YouTube compared to Facebook. Take gaming, for instance.

YouTube is a gaming paradise for the entire community. There are tons of popular gaming content creators with millions of followers.

And most of those creators are open to being sponsored and promoting your product/service. Gaming creators are also largely appreciated for their charisma and on-stage presence.

Regarding age and gender metrics, here’s a Statista table with the relevant information:

Age RangeMale UsersFemale Users

The 25-34 age category has the most users on YouTube, at around 20.7%, where 11.9% are male and 8.8% are female.

Interestingly enough, the 18-24 age category has fewer users than the 35-44 category, which shows that adults prefer YouTube.

If your target audience is in any of these age categories, then YouTube is one of the best marketing platforms you can use.

The video format is the most engaging form of content on the internet, which means your ads will get quite a bit of engagement on YouTube.

Moving on to the next platform on the list!

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp has over 2 billion monthly active users on a global scale and it’s used in 180 countries around the globe. Its importance cannot be overstated, however, its advertising potential is close to zero.

The platform should instead be used to provide customer support services and offer updates about purchases. WhatsApp has a Business app dedicated to this.

Let me show you how WhatsApp is looking in 2023:

  • 2 billion global active users
  • 25% monthly active users vs. the world’s total population
  • 31.9% monthly active users vs. the world’s 13+ population
  • 46.5% of the user base is female
  • 53.5% of the user base is male
  • WhatsApp users spend around 17.3 hours per month on WhatsApp on mobile

While WhatsApp’s situation does look very good, it’s not meant for advertising because it wasn’t created with this in mind.

However, there are plenty of success stories praising WhatsApp businesses for enabling them to offer stellar customer support to their customers.

The WhatsApp Business API is the crux of all this praise, by the looks of it. It works without a hitch and providers real-time support for customers during the purchasing experience.

Even companies like Uber, Wish,, and iFood are among the heavy users of WhatsApp Business, and they only have good things to say.

Based on a Statista study, we know that the number of monthly active users on WhatsApp business has increased by four times, from 50 million in 2020 to 200 million in 2023.

Another study shows the number of worldwide downloads from 2018 to 2022 of the WhatsApp Business app:

YearNumber of Downloads
201837.87 million
201998.82 million
2020170.46 million
2021210.09 million
2022283.51 million

The number of WhatsApp Business downloads has increased by approximately 7.5 times in the 2018-2022 period. This shows the growing popularity of the platform as a customer service tool for businesses.

If you’re not using WhatsApp for seamless customer service, then you really should. Its Business app offers many integrations for businesses.

4. Instagram

The world of online marketing wouldn’t be the same without Instagram. In 2023, the platform is growing in popularity and usage faster than ever before.

Its content-creator ecosystem is one of the healthiest and most robust I’ve seen on the internet. And marketers are crowding in to promote their services and products here.

A big reason for Instagram’s popularity with marketers is its wide range of content formats:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Reels
  • Stories
  • Live Videos
  • IGTV

Plus, the platform allows for the creation of an Instagram Business profile that gives you real-time analytics about your posts’ performance. Oh, and you can automatize posting using third-party tools accepted by Instagram.

Here’s a general overview of Instagram:

  • 2.35 billion global active users
  • Around 65-70% of all social media referrals as external traffic
  • 16.5% monthly active users vs. the world’s total population
  • 25.6% monthly active users vs. the world’s total internet users
  • 21.1% monthly active users vs. the world’s 13+ population
  • 1.32 billion total potential reach of ads worldwide
  • 48.2% of the platform’s ad reach is female
  • 51.8% of the platform’s ad reach is male
  • It lost 160 million users in the last year and 68 million in the last quarter

Let me show you a more detailed picture of Instagram’s ad reach in the 2021-2023 period, per month. Here’s the table:

PeriodAd Reach% Change
January 20211.221 billion
April 20211.287 billion+7.7% from the last period
July 20211.386 billion+0.5% from the last period
October 20211.393 billion+6.1% from the last period
January 20221.478 billion-1.8% from the last period
April 20221452 billion-0.8% from the last period
July 20221.440 billion-3.8% from the last period
October 20221.386 billion-4.9% from the last period
January 20231.318 billion-4.9% from last period

As you can see, Instagram’s ad reach has increased from 2021 to 2023 but in the last couple of months (October 2022 – January 2023), there has been a serious decrease in ad reach.

The number is still higher than it was in January 2021, which is proof that the platform is on positive growth in the long term.

Its ad audience profile is also looking good, with the majority of users being in the 18-34 age category, most of which are men.

I’ll also give you a list of the eligibility ad reach around the world for Instagram. This shows how many Instagram users are over 13 per country.

Here’s the table:

CountryPercentage of Users Above Age 13
Hong Kong49.2%
New Zealand49.2%
Saudi Arabia43.8%
South Korea41.1%
South Africa12.5%

The worldwide average for ad reach eligibility is only 21.1%, which isn’t exactly encouraging. However, many countries have an eligibility rate above 50% (17 countries).

Even in the US, the eligibility rate is 49.9% as of January 2023. Make of that what you will, but around 50% of the US Instagram population will see your ads and will be able to act on them.

All in all, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for marketing in 2023. There’s a lot of user-generated content, and the influencer ecosystem is at its peak.

5. WeChat

WeChat is one of the biggest tech companies in China and has completely transformed over the years. What was initially a messaging platform like WhatsApp became an “everything platform“.

You can do pretty much anything on it, including groceries, baking, money transfer, paying bills, shopping, messaging, calling, taxi booking, and more.

Naturally, this makes WeChat incredibly appealing to marketers and companies in all industries. And it’s clear to see why.

Here are a few general stats about WeChat:

  • 1.309 billion monthly active users in 2023
  • 46.5% of the platform’s ad reach is female
  • 53.5% of the platform’s ad reach is male
  • It’s the most popular social media app in China and other parts of Asia
  • 1.15 billion users worldwide
  • Around 78% of people in China are using WeChat
  • WeChat users are sending around 45 billion messages daily

In a nutshell, WeChat is a colossal social media platform that’s reached the peak of popularity in China and across borders for some time.

It’s everything Musk wants X (ex-Twitter) to become, the “everything” app. You can do anything you could think of on WeChat.

That’s precisely why marketers from all over the world love the app. It provides endless opportunities to scale your business by offering products/services to customers. And there are customers for anything on WeChat.

You can run ads through the WeChat Moments or on your official WeChat account. You also have access to the numerous WeChat influencers that are just waiting for a brand deal.

Below, I’ll show you the expected growth in the number of WeChat users worldwide from 2018 to 2027:

YearNumber of WeChat Users% Change
2018793.28 million
2019881.53 million+11.12% from last year
2020986.61 million+11.92% from last year
20211.062 billion+7.64% from last year
20221.111 billion+4.61% from last year
20231.154 billion+3.87% from last year
20241.193 billion+3.37% from last year
20251.227 billion+2.84% from last year
20261.258 billion+2.52% from last year
20271.286 billion+2.22% from last year

As you can see, WeChat’s user base has been increasing constantly for the past couple of years, and it’s estimated that it will keep increasing in the future.

While it’s true that the percentage increase may become lower over time, that’s to be expected from a platform passing over the 1 billion-user threshold. That’s when the user plateau starts to hit the hardest.

However, I estimate that the platform is still far from reaching its true plateau. Facebook has almost 3 billion users worldwide, and I don’t see why WeChat wouldn’t reach those numbers sometime in the future

6. TikTok

TikTok is the most popular short-form video-sharing platform in the world, and nothing comes even close to it. It was the most visited site on the internet as of 2021. It even overtook Google at some point.

Here are a couple of general stats about it:

  • The potential ad reach of TikTok is 1.05 billion
  • 13.1% is the TikTok ad reach 18+ vs. the total population
  • 20.4% is TikTok’s ad reach 18+ vs. the total internet users
  • 18.7% is the ad reach 18+ vs. the 18+ population
  • TikTok’s ad reach grew by 18.8% (166 million) in the last year and by 11.2% (106 million) in the last quarter leading up to 2023
  • 54.1% is the female ad reach on TikTok
  • 45.9% is the male ad reach on TikTok
  • Most of TikTok’s audience is in the 18-24 age category (21.% female and 17.4% male)

The platform has been in continuous growth ever since it was founded, and it keeps getting more and more popular.

In the August 2022 – January 2023 period, for instance, the average number of views for personal accounts was around 30,100. Business accounts had around 17,500 views in the same period.

Another interesting statistic is the gender disparity between male and female content creators. Around 55.3% of them were women and 45% were men. This might be useful for marketers looking for male or female creators for specific audiences.

The most talked-about brand on Twitter in 2022 was Shein, the online fashion and sports retailer. It was mentioned by around 13,400 influencers during that year. The next on the list was Target, with 11,200 influencers.

And one more statistic – 15% of all B2B marketer respondents to a 2022 Statista study said that TikTok is the company with the highest ROI.

TikTokers also spend around 23.5 hours per month on the platform (Android app), which says a lot about the marketing potential of the app.

Last but not least, here’s a list of the most popular TikTok hashtags as of January 2023. These will tell you what’s trending on the platform and give you some ideas of the type of content to create:

HashtagPost Views
#For You21,110,700,000,000

Yeah, you didn’t read the numbers wrong. The first hashtag on the list has over 34 trillion post views. Clearly, TikTok is getting a lot of traction for its hashtags.

Here’s a list of the most popular industries/niches based on the hashtags above:

  • Viral/trending content
  • Entertainment/funny content
  • Anime content
  • Football content
  • Dancing and BTS-related content
  • Food content
  • Art content
  • Gaming content
  • Minecraft content

They’re in descending order, from the most popular (according to the hashtags) to the least popular. Remember that the “least popular” (Minecraft) still has 367 billion post views.

It seems that TikTok focuses a lot on the entertainment/artistic niches, and the number of views it pulls is insane. You shouldn’t pass on the opportunity to lay out some ads on the platform.

It’s also estimated that the number of Boomers (people born 1946-1964) using TikTok has grown by 164%, likely because of the many viral trends and apps.

You should remember one thing, though – TikTok thrives on short, bite-sized content. So, no matter your niche, make sure you compress your content into engaging short clips.

Ideally, you should be able to add music or some type of entertainment-type element to the videos. And make sure you follow the trends. They’re your guiding light to building a solid audience.

7. Telegram

Alright, listen.

Don’t discount Telegram just because it’s not a traditional social media platform. Just like WhatsApp, Telegram excels at offering customer support on a 24/7 basis.

In fact, companies are already incorporating Telegram in their customer support strategy. Plus, the platform had over 700 million active Telegram users back in November 2022, a 40% increase from April 2022.

Here’s why Telegram is great for customer support:

  • You can reply to customers quickly
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • It has a secure messaging system (end-to-end encryption)
  • Wide range of customization options
  • Option to automate customer service replies for FAQs
  • File flexibility, which means that users can share photos, videos, files, and other formats for a faster solution to their problem
  • Grouping options, which lets you maintain contact with your customers and offer accessible customer support to multiple individuals at once. The group limit is 200,000 people, which should be more than enough for a close-knit community

And unlike WhatsApp, Telegram’s privacy policy is still worth its salt. Any data and/or information on Telegram stays there, encrypted in the chats.

One of the best things about using Telegram for customer service is AI, though. You can automate customer service using AI chatbot technology. This will free up your customer support team to tackle more complex issues, while the chatbot replies to FAQs and basic questions.

Let’s see how automating customer services through Telegram can help your business:

  • Saving Resources: With AI, you not only reply faster and ensure accuracy but you’re freeing up your human employees for more complicated tasks. This saves time and money by allowing you to focus less on customer support and more on other aspects of your business
  • Personalized Support: With the emergence of ChatGPT and similar AI tools, it’s no longer a dream to offer personalized automated customer support. Imagine an AI customer support tool that learns from past conversations and offers usable solutions on the spot. The AI can even be trained from past customer interactions
  • 24/7 Availability: Telegram lets you reply to customer requests instantly on a 24/7 basis. And today’s customers are used to receiving instant replies online. To build loyalty and trust with them, you should ensure that your customer service is available 24/7
  • AI that Learns: With every customer conversation, the AI chatbot can learn and improve its responses, leading to better interactions in the future

There are plenty of reasons for any business to use Telegram for customer support. Especially if you employ AI automation.

8. Snapchat

We’re coming back to traditional social media platforms now. Snapchat has around 557,000,000 monthly active users? But take a look at the general stats for a better context:

  • Total ad reach on Snapchat is 634.8 million
  • 7.9% is the ad reach vs. the total population on the globe
  • 12.3% is the ad reach vs. the total internet users on the globe
  • 51% is the female ad reach on Snapchat
  • 48% is the male ad reach on Snapchat
  • Snapchat gained 78 million new users in the last year and 59 million alone in the last quarter (a 10.3% increase from last quarter)
  • 10.1% is Snapchat’s ad reach vs. the total 13+ population

Snapchat emphasizes visual content, with both photos and short videos making up the core content of the platform. There are countless content creators and influencers on Snapchat too.

In fact, Snapchat popularized the vertical video format before even TikTok appeared. Even though TikTok is in another league at the moment, Snapchat is still more than worthy of a marketing campaign.

Around 69% of all US teens claim that they’re using Snapchat according to a 2021 Pew Research study. The platform is mostly used by teenagers, so if that’s your target audience, then it’s just right.

Let me show you the number of daily active users on Snapchat from Q2 2014 to Q2 2023, based on the region, so you can get an idea of the platform’s evolution over time.

Here’s the data:

PeriodNorth America Daily Active UsersEurope Daily Active UsersRest of the World Daily Active Users
Q1 201426 million14 million6 million
Q2 201430 million18 million9 million
Q3 201432 million20 million11 million
Q4 201435 million23 million13 million
Q1 201548 million27 million16 million
Q2 201540 million29 million18 million
Q3 201544 million30 million20 million
Q4 201548 million34 million24 million
Q1 201654 million39 million29 million
Q2 201661 million46 million36 million
Q3 201665 million49 million39 million
Q4 201668 million52 million39 million
Q1 201771 million55 million40 million
Q2 201775 million57 million42 million
Q3 201777 million57 million44 million
Q4 201780 million60 million47 million
Q1 201881 million62 million48 million
Q2 201880 million61 million47 million
Q3 201879 million59 million47 million
Q4 201879 million60 million47 million
Q1 201980 million61 million49 million
Q2 201983 million64 million56 million
Q3 201984 million65 million61 million
Q4 201986 million67 million64 million
Q1 202088 million70 million71 million
Q2 202090 million71 million77 million
Q3 202090 million72 million87 million
Q4 202092 million74 million99 million
Q1 202193 million77 million111 million
Q2 202195 million78 million120 million
Q3 202196 million80 million130 million
Q4 202197 million82 million140 million
Q1 202298 million84 million150 million
Q2 202299 million86 million162 million
Q3 2022100 million88 million175 million
Q4 2022100 million92 million183 million
Q1 2023100 million93 million190 million
Q2 2023101 million94 million202 million

You can see how, in Q1 2019, Snapchat’s audience in the rest of the world started to increase exponentially, outranking North America’s daily active users in one year.

Now, there are exactly twice as many daily active users in the rest of the world as in North America, and around 2.2 times more than in Europe.

Either way, the numbers have kept increasing year after year, and Snapchat appears to only become more popular over time.

The platform’s advertising reach has also increased constantly over the years. Take a look at the table below, showing the increase in ad reach from Q1 2021 to Q1 2023:

PeriodAd Reach% Change
January 2021498.2 million
April 2021528.2 million+6% from last period
July 2021513.9 million-2.7% from last period
October 2021538.1 million+4.7% from last period
January 2022557.1 million+3.5% from last period
April 2022589.4 million+5.8% from last period
July 2022616.9 million+4.7% from last period
October 2022575.7 million-6.7% from last period
January 2023634.8 million+10.3% from last period

Except for two periods when the ad reach dropped a bit, Snapchat’s ad reach kept increasing over the year, reaching 634.8 million in January 2023. There was an increase of 27.4% between January 2021 to January 2023, which is quite a big improvement.

9. Pinterest

Pinterest is another user favorite among socialites these days. The platform has somewhat increased its user base in the past months too.

Here’s an overview of Pinterest as of January 2023:

  • 249.7 million total ad reach worldwide
  • 3.1% total ad reach vs. worldwide population
  • 4.8% total ad reach vs. worldwide internet users
  • 4% total ad reach vs. worldwide 13+ population
  • 24 million ad reach increase in the last year (+10.6% increase)
  • 21 million ad reach decrease in the last quarter prior to January 2023 (-7.8% decrease)
  • 76.2% female ad reach vs. total ad reach
  • 17.2% male ad reach vs. total ad reach

So, not only is the audience mainly female (in the 25-34 age category) but also most of them are on the platform to find shopping ideas and/or market their products. Pinterest users are also 7 times more likely to buy products that they’ve pinned.

In other words, Pinterest is a platform best suited to market products that are in the following niches:

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Home
  • Garden
  • DIY

The platform is full of DIY projects across a multitude of niches, and users mainly go there for inspiration on what to buy or for interior design ideas.

The “pinning” functionality allows users to effectively favorite their favorite Pins (Pinterest posts) and share them with their friends. And based on the previous statistic, we now know that pinned products are more likely to be purchased.

Consistency, immediate visual impact, and strong presence are the name of the game here. If your marketing campaign is persuasive and impactful enough, Pinterest can create a lot of engagement and buzz around your brand.

Let me show you Pinterest’s ad reach ranking per country in 2023:

CountryTotal Ad ReachAd Reach vs. 13+ Population
United Kingdom7,610,00013.2%

The top three countries in the world with the biggest Pinterest ad reach are the US, Brazil, and Mexico. It also seems that the US accounts for the vast majority of Pinterest users in the world.

In terms of eligibility (13+ ad reach), the US comes on top, followed by the Netherlands, Belgium, and Canada. In effect, you’ll have a better performance in countries where the eligibility is higher.

Though, you also need to consider the difference in total ad reach. For instance:

  • The Netherlands has 4,430,000 total ad reach for Pinterest, and the 13+ user base accounts for 29%. This means that around 1,284,700 users are above 13 in the Netherlands
  • France has 10,650,000 total ad reach for Pinterest, and its 13+ users are around 19.3%. This means that around 2,055,450 users are above 13 in France

This isn’t anything too revolutionary, just a friendly reminder to consider every piece of data before building your marketing strategy.

In any case, Pinterest keeps increasing its user base over time, just like Snapchat. These aren’t massive increases but they add up and most importantly, they’re pretty stable. Just like how companies like them.

I have one last statistic for you – the total number of global visits to Pinterest from November 2022 to April 2023:

PeriodTotal Number of Visits to Pinterest
November 20221 billion users
December 20221.04 billion users
January 20231.06 billion users
February 2023966.5 million users
March 20231.06 billion users
April 2023985.5 million users

Admittedly, Pinterest’s global visits are a bit erratic but overall, they stay around the 1 billion mark per month. Putting your brand in front of potentially a billion people doesn’t sound shabby, right?

10. Twitter

The reason Twitter is so low on this list is the recent rebranding to X, the multitude of Musk-esque fiascos, and the fact that many advertisers are avoiding it like the plague.

Twitter isn’t what it used to be, especially now that it wants to transform itself from the ground up and become the “everything” app.

However, the future could look bright for X if Musk’s vision for the platform comes true. Imagine that users could do their banking, shop, book cabs, buy their groceries, and more on the platform.

Here’s a technical overview of the platform as of January 2023:

  • 556 million total ad reach on Twitter worldwide
  • 6.9% total ad reach vs. the worldwide population
  • 10.8% total ad reach vs. the worldwide internet users
  • 8.9% total ad reach vs. worldwide 13+ population
  • 37% female ad reach vs. total ad reach
  • 63% male ad reach vs. total ad reach
  • 120 million new users in the last year (+27.4% new users)
  • 12 million new users in the last quarter leading up to January 2023 (+2.1% new users)

Twitter has a ton of users worldwide. That much is clear. Not only that but the 2022-2023 period was a very successful one, with Twitter having gained 120 million new users.

Now, let me show you the foreseeable change in spending on social media of marketers worldwide in 2023. This Statista study is based on the reports from 1,700 respondents:

Platform% Increase% Stay the Same% Decrease

This study was performed in 2023, and it seems that the majority of marketers (53%) won’t increase or decrease their ad spending yet.

28% said that they would decrease their ad spending, and 19% said they would increase it. Mind you, Twitter has the second-highest number of respondents claiming they would decrease spending, after Facebook.

And remember that this study took place in January 2023, when Musk had barely begun wreaking chaos on the platform.

Now that Twitter officially changed its name to X and reported a change in direction for the platform, I’d warrant many more marketers will limit their ad spending in the near future. To be perfectly honest, X’s situation doesn’t look stellar.

There’s also the problem of ad reach eligibility among Twitter’s users. The vast majority of them are ineligible to see the ads, meaning that ads on Twitter will reach only a share of the population aged 13+

I have a Data Reportal study here that shows how this pans out per country:

CountryAd Reach Rate Vs. Population Aged 13+
Hong Kong62.6%
Saudi Arabia54.%
South Korea20.9%
New Zealand18.1%
South Africa8.1%

Only four countries in the world have an ad reach eligibility of over 50% for Twitter – Saudi Arabia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

28 countries have their ad reach eligibility under 20% and 11 of them are under 10%. It’s clear to see that Twitter isn’t particularly good at putting ads in front of users because many of its users are under 13.

11. Reddit

As a disclaimer, Reddit doesn’t accept self-promotion for the most part. Most subreddits enforce this rule, which means that you won’t be able to outright promote your products there.

However, you can still have someone to join a subreddit to answer questions, share tips, offer resources, and participate in discussions to build an audience.

For instance, they could promote your website’s blog section, if you have one. Naturally, that’s not self-promotion but rather sharing helpful resources.

Coincidentally“, those who end up on your blog section might take a look at the rest of the site and take a gander through your product selection.

Reddit is also great to feel the pulse of the market and find content ideas for the blog section. People are pretty uncensored on Reddit and will give honest opinions.

Reddit brings a lot of eyeballs every month too. Just take a look at this survey from Statista:

PeriodWorldwide Monthly Visits
December 20211.7 billion
January 20221.8 billion
February 20221.8 billion
March 20221.6 billion
April 20221.7 billion
May 20221.7 billion

Reddit pulls almost 2 billion monthly visits as of May 2022, apparently. It didn’t really increase over the years but it didn’t decrease either.

Plus, the platform is really popular for sharing opinions, finding reviews, and creating discussions around any topic imaginable. And there’s a thread for anything, including your industry.

Most of the traffic on Reddit comes from the US (about 47.89%) and four other European countries:

  • United Kingdom – 7.13%
  • Canada – 6.98%
  • Australia – 4.14%
  • Germany – 3.19%

It’s also good to know that many subreddits accept self-promotion as long as it comes naturally in a discussion. Don’t be pushy with your content but actually participate in conversations and be a discussion starter.

Read more about Reddit’s self-promotion policies here. They famously say that “It’s perfectly fine to be a redditor with a website, it’s not okay to be a website with a Reddit account.

Practice common sense and you’ll be fine. Don’t ask for upvotes on your content, don’t simply post links and leave, and don’t act artificially. You’re a human first and then a promoter.

Reddit is great for initiating conversations about brands and while it’s not a good idea to bring promotional content into these discussions, it’s still good to see what people think. If your brand is popular enough to end up in these conversations, take a look around and see the feedback.

You’ll also hear feedback about your competitors, and whether it’s good or bad, you’ll learn how people interact with your product. After all, the customer is always right.

12. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a bit special as far as social media goes. It’s built with businesses in mind and that is the main target audience.

It’s not so much for traditional marketing but for building trust and stabilizing a reputation in the industry. Professional connections are also not bad.

The right term is “thought leadership“, and it means you’re making your brand known through the values it upholds. At an industry level, reputation matters a lot, both among employees and other businesses.

Here’s a general overview of LinkedIn in 2023:

  • 900.2 million ad reach worldwide
  • 11.2% ad reach vs. total worldwide population
  • 17.5% ad reach vs. total worldwide internet users
  • 16% ad reach vs. worldwide population aged 18+
  • 92 million new users gained in the last year (+11.4%)
  • 43 million new users gained in the last quarter leading up to January 2023 (+5%)
  • 43.7% of all LinkedIn users are female and 56.3% are male

The platform looks ripe for the picking of all brands looking to increase their professional exposure. Moreover, LinkedIn keeps getting more popular as the years go by.

Take a look at this chart from Data Reportal showing LinkedIn’s increase in ad reach from 2021 to 2023:

PeriodAd Reach% Change
January 2021727.7 million
April 2021745.6 million+2.5% from last period
July 2021768.2 million+3% from last period
October 2021790.4 million+2.9% from last period
January 2022808.4 million+2.3% from last period
April 2022828.1 million+2.4% from last period
July 2022849.6 million+2.6% from last period
October 2022857.1 million+0.9% from last period
January 2023900.2 million+5% from last period

LinkedIn’s ad reach increased by 23.7% in two years (2021-2023), from 727.7 million to 900.2 million. This could show that:

  • Brands and businesses are recognizing en masse the influence that LinkedIn has over their professional and marketing prospects
  • LinkedIn is improving its marketing capabilities for brands and businesses
  • Users are realizing that LinkedIn is the place to be to build professional connections and advance in their industry

According to Statista, around 48.8% of all US marketers were using LinkedIn for marketing purposes in 2019. And that percentage was expected to grow past 50% by 2021.

Another survey from January 2023 shows that 48% of marketers plan on increasing their use of LinkedIn for marketing purposes, 28% will stay the same, and 22% have no plans on using it.

Given that this study is recent, these changes have already taken place and will bring even more attention to LinkedIn in the near future.

Did you also know that LinkedIn lets you send personalized ads directly to users’ inboxes? You can invest in sponsored content, messaging, dynamic ads, text ads, and a lot more on LinkedIn. Take a look at their page for more information!

16 countries have an ad reach eligibility of over 50% on LinkedIn, and the world average is 16%. By eligibility, I mean users over 18+ who can see your ads. Even Twitter had a world average eligibility of 8.9%, so LinkedIn is in quite a good position.

13. Twitch

Twitch is an odd one on this list because it’s not so much a social media platform as much as a live-streaming platform for gamers. However, the marketing potential on Twitch is insane.

That’s because Twitch has captured the attention of eSports communities and gaming communities from all around the world. Official matches can gather hundreds of millions of eyeballs on their content.

Twitch is the playground for official tournaments to broadcast matches, and every team is sponsored by a certain brand. Subscriptions, sponsorships, donations, everything goes on Twitch.

Even if you don’t involve yourself in official tournament sponsorships, there are countless popular content creators on Twitch that can promote your brand. And they’re quite influential among their followers and viewers.

Here’s an overview of Twitch:

  • 140 million monthly active users
  • 7.58 million total active streamers
  • 1.7 million viewers active now (13 August 2023)
  • 33.2 million users in the US
  • 5.71 billion hours watched worldwide in Q3 2022 on Twitch
  • 73% market share of the live streaming apps worldwide in Q1 2022 based on daily active users
  • 41% of Twitch users are ages 16-24 and 32% are ages 25-34

Think of Twitch as another YouTube focused entirely on gaming. And we all know just how popular and successful the gaming industry is.

Let me paint a clearer picture for you, just to understand how big the eSports gaming industry is. So far, ever since eSports was launched, they awarded 1,618,045,508.52 USD. That’s 1.6 billion dollars awarded as prizes.

Where do you think that prize money comes from? That’s right, sponsors. Brands and businesses who provide the prize money in exchange for promoting themselves throughout the matches. This isn’t anything new. It’s being done at every level of the sports industry.

It’d be a good idea to jump in on the action if your brand is compatible with the gaming community and if you have enough to invest. The ROI should be attractive enough.

To Conclude…

These are the most important social media platforms for marketing in 2023 and there are good reasons to use some or all of them for marketing purposes.

Some are more specialized (Twitch, LinkedIn, Pinterest), while others offer more general marketing opportunities (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)

I hope you’ll find the information presented here helpful and leave a comment below if you have any questions or feedback!


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