Watching Netflix with Friends: Can you do it on Discord?

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Watching Netflix with Friends: Can you do it on Discord?

Sure, you can. You’ll have to disable the Hardware Acceleration from Discord and from your browser, then add your browser as a game on Discord.

Here are the steps to Stream Netflix on Discord:

  1. Open your Discord settings
  2. Go to “Advanced
  3. Disable “Hardware Acceleration”
  4. Restart Discord
  5. Go to your browser settings
  6. Go to “System” (Google Chrome)
  7. Disable “Hardware Acceleration
  8. Restart the browser
  9. Go back to Discord and open the settings
  10. Go to “Registered Games
  11. Select “Add it!
  12. Select the browser you want to use for Netflix streaming
  13. Select a server to stream on
  14. Start streaming

I’ve made an identical guide for streaming Disney Plus on Discord. You can check it out here! Below, I’ll talk about the problems you can get into by doing this 😀

Can I Get into Problems if I Stream Netflix on Discord?

Sadly, yes. That’s because Netflix is a premium service that people have to pay for in order to access. What you’re doing by streaming it on Discord is giving your friends free access to an otherwise paid service.

And that’s against the rules. Discord doesn’t allow it, and Netflix (if they knew about it) wouldn’t allow it, either.

The reasoning behind this is simple:

  • Netflix has copyrights on the content on its platform
  • You can only access that content by paying for it (no copyright infringement)
  • Trying to bypass this rule (streaming the content for free to other people) means you’re infringing on Netflix’s content copyrights

Sounds simple, right? And it’s reasonable, given that Netflix has every right to defend its service. They don’t offer that service for free, and if you breach that rule, you’re in trouble.

Now, I can’t tell you exactly if you’ll get in trouble or not. That depends on who you’re streaming Netflix too, whether they’ll keep silent about it, whether Netflix can become aware of the stream, and so on.

But if it gets out, here’s what might happen:

  • Discord will terminate your account
  • Netflix will sue you for copyright infringement
  • You may receive a fine

Copyright infringement is nothing to scoff at. If I were in your place, I wouldn’t risk it. Whoever wants to see Netflix should just get a subscription. It’s not prohibitively expensive, either way.

Plus, other (safer) alternatives exist if you want to see a movie or show but don’t want to pay for it. You know exactly what I mean…

Of course, I don’t condone any of it. I’m just objectively stating what your options are and which one is “safer“.

If you’d want to minimize your chances of being discovered for streaming Netflix on Discord, here’s what you could do:

  • Stream Netflix to a select group of close friends that you know won’t start blabbering about it
  • Don’t do this every day
  • Keep silent about it yourself and don’t start bragging about it on random servers

That’s about all I can tell you about this. As I said, if you want a thorough guide on how to do this, visit my article about streaming Disney Plus on Discord!

Leave a comment below if you have questions about any of this, and I’ll reply soon 😀

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