Are TikTok Followers in Chronological Order?

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Are TikTok Followers in Chronological Order?

Yes, your TikTok followers are in chronological order, with the first person on the list being the person who followed you most recently.

The last person on the list is your first follower on TikTok. But does your Followers list appear the same to other people?

And is there any way to switch the order of your followers? Keep reading to find out!

Do Others See Your Followers in a Chronological Order?

Yes, they see your followers in the same order that you do – a chronological one. And there’s no way to change that.

When someone visits your TikTok profile and opens your “Followers” list, they’ll first see your most recent follower.

Moving lower down the list, they’ll see your older followers. So, a chronological followers list is the same as what you see.

The same goes for all your followers, as well. They won’t see the list any differently than you will.

Can You Change the Order of the “Followers” List?

No, you can’t change the order of the “Followers” list on TikTok. You can only see them in chronological order.

TikTok "Followers" list showing the "Follower" option highlighted in red
TikTok “Followers” list showing the “Follower” option highlighted in red

Other people won’t be able to see your Followers list in another order.

The only way of rearranging the order of the followers in your “Followers” list is to ask your followers to unfollow and follow you back in a certain order.

Which is completely insane and not worth it.

It’s easier if we’re talking about the “Following” list because then, you can control who you follow first and last.

That’s about it. If you have any questions about the order in which you can see your followers on TikTok, let me know in the comment section below.

Until then, stay tuned for other TikTok articles!

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