Twitter Answers with Bot Reply to a Business Owner Suing Twitter for Unpaid Bills

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Twitter Answers with Bot Reply to a Business Owner Suing Twitter for Unpaid Bills

Ever since Elon Musk’s takeover, Twitter has been sued several times by companies in a joint lawsuit for unpaid bills worth $230,000 in total.

Norma Miller, the CEO of a Vermont-based company is one of the business owners in that joint lawsuit. Her company offers real-time captioning for Twitter’s global events for hard-of-hearing and deaf employees, and for those who don’t speak English as a first language.

The company in question, White Coat Captioning, is owed around $42,000, of which Miller claimed that the sum was very significant for “a small company like mine“.

Recently, Miller said that Twitter halted all responses to her emails and instead opted for automated bot replies – “Eventually, it was clearly just a bot answering us with the same answer over and over again“.

While we knew that Musk had set Twitter’s press office’s auto-reply to display a poop emoji for journalist emails, we did not know that automated replies were extended to business partners too.

Other companies are also suing Twitter for things like private jet services, landlord-related services for some of its offices, and a lawsuit from Twitter’s former CEO, CFO, and other executives fired by Musk after his takeover.

It seems that Twitter is in a lot of legal trouble after Musk’s takeover, especially since the company is in deep financial straits.

Musk fired around 90% of the company’s workforce after taking over, claiming that Twitter was “absurdly overstaffed” and said that the cuts were necessary to keep the company from going bankrupt.

Twitter Avoids Bankruptcy for Now

Whether Twitter will end up having to file for bankruptcy is still unclear as of yet but the company did make its first interest payment for Elon Musk’s debt when he got the company.

So, at least for now, Twitter is barely avoiding bankruptcy. However, Musk compared the company to a “plane that is headed towards the ground at high speed with the engines on fire and the controls don’t work. That’s the reason for my actions that may seem sometimes spurious.”

Even after introducing Twitter Blue, a paid subscription service and cutting off around 90% of the company’s workforce, experts are claiming that Twitter’s financial situation is not looking good.

Either way, Musk’s treatment of Twitter’s unpaid bills doesn’t help the situation and might foster a negative image of the company.

At least, that’s what Norma Miller is thinking, as well as others who are suing the company for unpaid services.

Even after Business Insider contacted Twitter for comment about this event, the company replied with an automated message that failed to address the inquiry.

So, it seems that Twitter is slowly closing itself off, most likely trying to stave off the financial troubles it’s dealing with.


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