Twitter Bans 100,000 Accounts Tied to Crypto Project Metatime

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Twitter Bans 100,000 Accounts Tied to Crypto Project Metatime

Remember when Elon Musk said that Twitter will become the central pillar of free speech in the social media industry? And when the new CEO Linda Yaccarino reinforced these claims in her speech as new CEO?

Well, recently, Twitter banned over 100,000 accounts associated with a well-known crypto project named Metatime. Those accounts did nothing but mention or reference the crypto project’s token airdrop campaign.

Most of Twitter’s crypto community was taken aback by this decision to disable or suspend these accounts and have begun sharing the hashtag “#FreeMetaTime” on the platform.

The CEO of Metatime, Yusuf Sevim, publicly asked Elon Musk to do something about this unfairness and unlock the accounts of those banned.

Metatime's CEO's tweet on Twitter asking Elon Musk to step in
Metatime’s CEO’s tweet on Twitter asking Elon Musk to step in

Sevim talks about Metatime as a “freedom project” and that it has helped over 350,000 supporters since it was launched six months ago.

Through the MetaAirDrop campaign, those involved would be able to get MetatimeCoin ($MTC) tokens by showing their support and sharing their opinion on the project.

In his reaction to the ban, he said that “Overnight, words of thousands of people who shared the hope of Metatime and MetaAirDrop were tried to be silenced. Notably, this disaster happened the morning after we stated that we were going to be listed on the stock market on June 26, 2023.

He claimed that Twitter’s decision to ban over 100,000 people for such reasons set a dangerous bar for what freedom of expression truly is on Twitter.

Linda Yaccarino, Twitter’s new CEO, recently said that the platform will offer “unfiltered exchange of information and open dialogue about the things that matter most to us. You should be allowed to voice your thoughts. Everyone should.

This is counter to what happened with Metatime supporters today, though. It remains to be seen whether those accounts will be reinstated and whether Musk will address the issue.


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