Chatting with Friends on PS4: How to Use Discord without a Computer

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Chatting with Friends on PS4: How to Use Discord without a Computer

How does it sound to be able to use Discord while playing on your PS4 without a PC? Sounds good, right? Well, this guide is here to teach you all about that!

Word of warning – you won’t be able to use all of Discord’s features without a computer. Officially, Discord isn’t available on any PlayStation platform.

This guide will only teach you to:

  1. Send messages on Discord from a PS4
  2. Read messages from your friends on Discord from a PS4

Remember, without a computer, you won’t be able to talk to people on Discord or join a voice chat. That’s currently impossible on a PS4 without a PC.

Read below to learn how to use Discord on a PS4, screenshots are included to help you out (because I am such a nice guy 🙂 )!

1. Click on the Gear icon

Click on the Gear icon
Click on the Gear icon

My solution uses the PlayStation Party feature on the PS4, which has Discord as one of its options.

Begin by connecting your PS4 to your PC from the Discord app. Open Discord and click on the Gear icon in the bottom-left corner!

You can also check my guide on how to use Discord without the app for more related tips.

So far it’s pretty simple…

2. Go to “Connections

Go to "Connections"
Go to “Connections

Once the settings have opened, look for the “Connections” option on the left-hand side of the Discord Settings window and click it.

You won’t need to scroll down as the “Connections” option is under the “User Settings“, at the top of the page (see the screenshot above).

3. Select the PlayStation icon

Select the PlayStation icon
Select the PlayStation icon

Once you go to “Connections,” you should see the “Add accounts to your profile” menu on the main Discord window.

Under this menu, you’ll see multiple icons for various apps, such as Epic Games, Facebook, PayPal, Reddit, Steam, Twitter, and more.

Find the PlayStation icon and select it (see the screenshot above to see what the PS4 icon looks like)

4. Connect to your PlayStation account

Connect to your PlayStation account
Connect to your PlayStation account

5. Open PlayStation Party on your PS4

I don’t have a PS4, so no pictures for you. But opening PlayStation Party is simple. You’ll find it in your PS4 features or settings.

Once you open it, you should find your Discord chats there. If not, try sending a message to one of your friends on Discord.

After you do this, you’ll be able to read any incoming messages from Discord in real time on your PS4.

Can I Talk With My Friends on Discord Through PS4?

Yes, if you have a PC. You can use a MixAmp device to connect the sounds of your PC and PS4 so that you can talk on Discord from your PC and play on your PS4 simultaneously.

This requires a PC, so it’s not the focus of this guide. However, if you decide to use your PC, here’s a short guide on connecting the PC and PS4 with a MixAmp:

  1. Turn the MixAmp to “Console Mode
  2. Connect the MixAmp to the PS4 with the optical cable provided
  3. Connect the optical cable of your headphones to the MixAmp’s input 3.5mm audio jack
  4. Connect an end of an Aux cable to the Aux port of your PS4, and the other end to your PC
  5. Connect a USB cable to your PS4 and PC
  6. Connect the speakers of the PC to the MixAmp using a male-to-male 3.5mm cable
  7. Open the “Devices” setting in your PS4 and then open the “Audio Devices
  8. Select “USB Headset” for the “Input Devices” option
  9. Select “TV or AV Amplifier” for the “Output Devices” option
  10. Open the “Sound and Screen” settings on your PS4
  11. Select “Digital Out (Optical)” as the Primary Output for the “Audio Output” setting
  12. Open Discord on your PC and go to “Settings“. Set the “Input Device” to “MixAmp” and the “Output Device” to “PC Speakers” in the “Voice & Video” setting

By following the guide above, you’ll be able to talk on Discord using your PC and play games on the PS4 without delays or any issues.

Final words…

To summarize, here’s how you can send and read Discord messages on PS4 without a PC:

  1. Connect to your PlayStation account on Discord by going to Settings – Connections – PlayStation
  2. Open PlayStation Party on your PS4
  3. Send your friend a message and wait for them to reply
  4. Send and receive Discord messages on the PS4 in real-time

That’s all you need to do. If you have any questions about this topic, comment below, and I’ll try to help you!

You should also check out my guide on sending videos on Discord mobile for further tips.

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