The Art of Stealth: Viewing Instagram Stories and Blocking Users

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Written by: Alex Popa


The Art of Stealth: Viewing Instagram Stories and Blocking Users

In short, the other person won’t know you viewed their story if they didn’t check their “Viewers” list before you blocked them.

But here’s a trick – if you block that person, you’ll disappear from their Instagram Story “Viewers” list. They won’t know you viewed their story. EVER.

But there’s more to discuss about this topic. Read my guide below for more information!

Summary: To maintain your anonymity after viewing someone's Instagram story, you can block them immediately after viewing it. 

This will remove your name from their story's "Viewers" list. However, be cautious and wait for 48 hours before unblocking them, as unblocking within 48 hours will make your name reappear on the list. 

Keep in mind that if the other person checks their "Viewers" list before you block them, there's not much you can do to remain anonymous.

How Can I Ensure My Anonymity When Viewing a Story?

We’ve already established that, when viewing a story on Instagram, you’ll appear in the other person’s “Viewers” tab.

This feature is useful for regular people to see how much social clout they have and for influencers to build their channels.

But if hat if you want to remain anonymous and not appear in the other person’s “Viewers” tab, then you block them as soon as you view their story. When you block that person, your name will disappear from their Story Viewers list.

But you better do it fast, or else the other person might check the Viewers list and see your name there BEFORE you block them.

When Can I Unblock Them?

This one is important, so pay attention – If you unblock them within 48 hours, your name will appear in their Story Viewers list.

If you let 48 hours go by and then unblock them, you’re safe. Your name won’t appear in their Story Viewers list.

If you’re lucky, the other person won’t notice you blocked them. And if you barely know that person, they’re even more unlikely to notice.

This method works if you’ve mistakenly watched someone’s story and decide to remain anonymous.

What if They See the Viewers List Before I Block Them?

If the other person sees your name in their Story Viewers list before you block them, there’s nothing you can do.

It’s not like you can delete their memory by blocking them. But maybe you’re lucky, and they didn’t pay too much attention when checking the Viewers list.

They could have skimmed over your name and not realized who you are. So, you might or might not be safe, but you can’t ever be sure.

The safest bet is to block them as soon as possible and wait for 48 hours before unblocking them.

That’s about it. If you have any questions about this topic, leave a comment below, and I’ll try to help you. Until then, stay tuned for other Instagram articles!

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  1. Hey Alex i have a question for you. What if I viewed someone’s insta story then I blocked them, unblock them again to see other stories they posted and block them again after I viewed all the stories. Note that I block right after I viewed their stories. Will they see my name on their previous story? I hope you understand my questions


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