Discord Demystified: What Do Discord Mods Actually Do?

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Discord Demystified: What Do Discord Mods Actually Do?

Discord moderators, better known as mods, are in charge of a Discord server’s rule enforcement. They ensure the community isn’t toxic and sticks by a certain code of conduct.

To know what rules Discord moderators enforce, you’d better read the Server Rules and understand your rights as a service member.

Sometimes, mods will go above their station and abuse their power just because they can. You can do nothing in some cases, but you may try to complain to the server owner.

Read below to see what Discords mods can do on a server!

Summary: In this article, I've discussed the roles and responsibilities of Discord moderators, or mods, who are tasked with enforcing server rules and maintaining a healthy community. 

Mods have various powers, such as moderating and deleting messages, inviting and banning members, and even choosing new moderators. 

While arguing with a mod is generally discouraged, it's essential to remember that they must also abide by the server rules. 

By understanding and respecting the role of mods, we can foster a positive and safe environment on Discord servers.
What Do Discord Mods Actually Do?

Discord Mod Powers

You may know the rules of a Discord server, but what can mods do if someone breaks them? Take a look below:

  • Moderate and delete messages
  • Invite new members
  • Ban current members
  • Suspend members
  • Mute members
  • Choose new moderators
  • Read message history
  • See voice channels
  • Kick current members

Moderators are almost in full control of a server. Aside from deleting the server itself, moderators can do anything they want.

Of course, they shouldn’t do anything they want because they must obey the rules too. Abuses of power shouldn’t be accepted, not even by moderators.

Can You Argue With a Discord Mod?

You can argue with a Discord moderator, but it may be against the server’s rules. Some servers’ rules say that moderators have the final say in disputes.

This means that once a moderator has made a decision, you’re not allowed to dispute it. They may kick, mute, or ban you from the server if you do that.

If you’re ready to accept the consequences, you can start arguing with a mod’s decision immediately. But I don’t recommend it. It’s not worth getting banned over arguing about a decision you can’t change.

They might ban you outright if you’re a troll and contest their decisions without good reason. Many mods aren’t abusive, and they’ll tolerate some questions or dissatisfaction with their decisions.

What Rules Do Discord Mods Enforce?

Every Discord server should have a set of rules enforced by moderators. These rules apply to everyone on the servers, mods included.

Here are a few examples of Discord server rules:

  • Stay respectful and don’t insult people
  • Don’t post graphic content
  • Don’t post links to spam content
  • Don’t post promotional content
  • Don’t overrule a mod’s decision
  • Don’t spam

Mods generally ensure the community’s well-being and deal with problem makers. If you’re spamming or posting content that might annoy others, the mods will mute/kick/ban you.

The mods can create or change the server’s rules, depending on how the server’s owner arranged the server.

However, if moderators create abusive rules, the owner will see this and should dispose of those moderators.


In short, Discord mods keep the community healthy, non-toxic, and safe. The mods are also responsible for making sure members observe the server rules.

If someone doesn’t observe the rules, they can ban/kick or mute the other person. If you want to know more about Discord moderators and what they do, leave a comment below, and I’ll try to help you.

Until then, stay tuned for more articles about Discord!

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