The Consequences of a Roblox Ban: What Happens to Your Items and Robux?

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The Consequences of a Roblox Ban: What Happens to Your Items and Robux?

Will you lose your items and Robux if you get banned on Roblox?

The answer is “no“. You won’t lose anything when you get banned on Roblox.

Unless it’s a permanent ban, in that case, you won’t be able to access your account anymore, so it’s safe to say you’ll lose everything.

However, temporary bans will not touch your items or Robux. As soon as the ban expires, you can return to the game and have all your things intact!

Summary: If you get banned on Roblox, you won’t lose your items or Robux unless it’s a permanent ban. 

In that case, you’ll lose everything including your account, items, clothing, weapons, tools, and Robux. 

However, you have 30 days to appeal the decision before your account is deleted. 

If your appeal is successful and you get your account back within 30 days, you won’t lose anything. 

When Are You Permanently Banned on Roblox?

We’ve established that the only situation where you lose everything on Roblox is when you receive a permanent ban, also known as account deletion.

The Roblox Terms of Service mention that for regular bans, you will be permanently banned after receiving three temporary bans:

  • 1-day ban
  • 3-day ban
  • 7-day ban

You don’t need to receive these bans in order, from 1 to 7. You can receive three 1-day bans, enough to justify a permanent ban.

Moreover, you can receive a permanent ban “immediately” if your violation is severe enough. Any violation can become severe, depending on the circumstances.

Others are severe regardless of the circumstance and will always result in a permanent ban. For instance, Roblox is extremely strict regarding its homophobia rules.

Do You Lose Everything When Getting Permanently Banned on Roblox?

Yes, you will lose everything when you’re permanently banned on Roblox. This includes:

  • Your account
  • Your items
  • Your clothing
  • Your unlocked weapons and tools
  • Your Robux

However, this only happened 30 days after the ban was issued. During those 30 days, you can appeal the decision.

This gives you the possibility to get your account back. If you get your account back within 30 days, you won’t lose anything, even though you were permanently banned.

Roblox only deletes a player’s account after 30 days if the user does not appeal the decision. Even if there was an appeal, the moderating team could decide that the ban was warranted.

In that case, you can’t do anything. Your account will be deleted, and you’ll lose everything.

If you have any questions about permanent bans on Roblox, please let me know below!

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