Robux Scams: The Truth About Free Robux Generators

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Written by: Alex Popa


Robux Scams: The Truth About Free Robux Generators

There is no such thing as Robux Generator, and even if it were, it wouldn’t be free.

Stay away no matter what website you’ve come across saying that they offer a Robux Generator. They’re scams.

Keep reading to learn more about free Robux opportunities on the internet!

Summary: In this article, I explain that there is no such thing as a Robux Generator and that any website claiming to offer one is a scam. 

The only ways to earn Robux in Roblox are by purchasing it, getting a Roblox membership, selling shirts and pants with a membership, or building an Experience and obtaining Premium Payouts. 

If you are approached by someone promising free Robux or other opportunities, you should report them to Roblox and avoid giving them any personal information or clicking on any links they send you. 

This guide provides information on how to avoid Robux scams and what to do if you are confronted with a scammer.

Is There Any Way to Earn Free Robux?

Yes, there is, but it’s not what you’re thinking. In short, don’t trust:

  • Free Robux offers from various websites
  • Free Roblox memberships offered on websites
  • Valuable items are offered for free

Those are scams made by individuals who want your personal information and account credentials. They want to trick you.

Instead of getting free Robux, you’ll lose all your Robux and items if you trust any of these people. No matter what they say, they are lying.

The only ways you can earn Robux are:

  • By purchasing it on Roblox
  • Getting a Roblox membership nets you a monthly amount of Robux
  • Getting a Roblox membership lets you make a profit by selling shirts and pants
  • Building an Experience and obtaining Premium Payouts

These are the “only” ways to earn Robux in Roblox. Moreover, they’re not technically free.

As I mentioned, you need to purchase Robux or a Roblox membership to receive free Robux. So, you must invest in receiving the Robux.

Even if you’re building an Experience that gets you Premium Payouts, you’re investing something in the platform for which you’re rewarded.

By creating an Experience, you’re attracting more users on the platform, benefitting Roblox, so you deserve compensation for your work.

But are you doing nothing and getting free Robux in return? That’s not possible, and it’s against Roblox’s Terms of Service.

What Should You Do if Confronted With a Scammer?

If you’re playing Roblox for the long term, you will be approached by people promising you free Robux or other opportunities.

Remember, they’re trying to scam you. What you should do is report them to Roblox. You have several ways of doing that via the application.

Tell them about your experience, give them the other person’s username, and let them handle it.

Here’s what you “shouldn’t” do when confronted with a scammer:

  • Give them your password
  • Give them your username
  • Give them your email address
  • Download anything they give you
  • Click on any link they send you
  • Share any personal information with them

They’re not good people. They don’t care about you or want to give you anything for free or help you.

They just want to scam you, so you shouldn’t care what happens to them after reporting them. It’s only fair that they suffer the consequences of their actions.

To summarize, there’s no way to obtain free Robux with a Generator. That’s a scam, and you should avoid these “opportunities“!

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