How to Unfollow Topics on Twitter?

Twitter topics are like trends that you follow. You’ll get personalized posts belonging to that trend as long as you follow the general topic it belongs to (e.g. Technology). But since you can follow a … Read more


How to Remove a Twitter Profile Picture?

Sadly, Twitter being Twitter (and Elon being Elon?), you’re not allowed to remove your profile picture, only change it to something else. Why I cannot fathom! Fortunately, changing your Twitter PFP is not hard to … Read more

How to Change Your Birthday on Twitter?

C’mon, just admit it – did you get your birthday wrong on Twitter? Eh, we all do that sometimes (and sometimes on purpose). Here’s how to change it, though… Do these to change your Twitter … Read more

How to Clear the Twitter Cache?

Is Twitter running slow on your mobile, and do you need to clear the Twitter cache? Quite understandable. Not doing this will make the app run slower and possibly even fail to respond. Here, let … Read more


Does Twitter Notify When You Screenshot?

Did you take a screenshot of something from your friend’s feed and not want them to know about it? You’re in luck. Twitter doesn’t notify users if you take screenshots of their content. This includes … Read more

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