How to Hide Your Subscribers on YouTube?

Hiding your subscribers on YouTube is something you do when you have something to hide, and, just to be clear, I’m not judging… Ok, I’m kidding… clearly, there can be many use cases when you … Read more

Why Do Creators Leave YouTube for Odysee?

Recently, there’s been a video-sharing platform gaining more and more popular among internet users, especially those exiled from YouTube. That platform is Odysee. If you haven’t heard of it, then let me explain. To summarize, … Read more

What Is YouTube Automation?

Did you hear about YouTube automation from someone, and you want to know what it is? Stop and keep reading! This article will explain what YouTube automation is, how you can do it yourself, why … Read more

How to Change the Language on YouTube?

Need to change the language on YouTube but the option to do that seems to have been swallowed by a black hole? That’s more common than you’d think… But no worries! Here’s how to change … Read more

Why Does YouTube Keep Switching to Light Mode?

Since 2019, many YouTuber users have complained that the platform’s Dark Mode isn’t permanent. Once you refresh the page or open another YouTube video, dark mode disappears. It’s instead replaced by the vanilla light mode, … Read more

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos?

Trying to watch a deleted YouTube Video, are you? Desperate that you can’t find it anywhere, are you? Well, you may not have tried these three solutions I have for you. Do these to watch … Read more

Why Can’t I See Comments on YouTube?

You suddenly can’t see YouTube comments and wonder what’s wrong? This guide will help you understand what’s happening and how to solve it. This is why you can’t see YouTube comments: There’s a solution for … Read more

How to Save YouTube Videos to Camera Roll?

Currently, there’s no way you can save a YouTube video directly to your camera roll. That’s not how downloads work, unfortunately. The video will automatically go to the “Downloads” folder by default but you can … Read more

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