Do Companies Use Telegram for Interviews?

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Written by: Alex Popa


Do Companies Use Telegram for Interviews?

Has a would-be employer contacted you on Telegram asking for an interview? Keep reading this article because I’ll explain why this is most likely a scam.

While some companies may use Telegram for interviews, most will not. Telegram is an informal medium, and conducting an interview there is extremely unprofessional and unsafe.

Moreover, the app makes it easy for people to hide their identities and scam others. If you’ve been contacted on Telegram for a job interview, it’s most certainly a scam.

Read below to see why!

Top Reasons Why a Telegram Interview Is a Scam

1. It’s Unprofessional

Think of any interview you ever had or heard about. Where did it take place? In a random WhatsApp group or at the company’s offices?

What were you dressed with, a suit-and-tie attire or your pajamas? Did the interviewer start cracking jokes with you, or were they serious and professional?

The truth is that an employer will act professionally because they’re looking for professionalism from prospective employees.

They want:

  • A serious candidate
  • A hard-working person
  • A stable and centered individual
  • Someone with demonstrable skills and experience

The best way to assess these things is to be a professional and expect the same from an employee.

A Telegram interview is extremely unprofessional and informal. It doesn’t give you a trustworthy impression of the employer.

In turn, a serious employer has a harder time assessing a future employee’s skills, personality, and experience on Telegram.

2. It’s Easy to Pretend You’re Someone Else

Interviewing Telegram means two things:

  • The “employer” may not be an employer at all, simply a scammer
  • The “employee” may pretend to be someone else and lie

That’s because it’s very easy to pretend you’re someone else on Telegram. Or to create a false impression.

Think about it – do you know if the other person is looking to hire people? Do they represent the company they claim they do?

How can they prove their claims? Or are they just making empty claims? You don’t trust them because they’re strangers on the internet.

If the interview were conducted in a professional setting, you’d be much more confident in the trustworthiness of your employer.

At the very least, they have offices where they can conduct the interview. Anyone with a phone number can use Telegram, on the other hand.

Moreover, a serious company would not conduct job interviews on Telegram because it’s hard to assess an employee’s:

  • Skills
  • Personality
  • Experience
  • Intelligence
  • Temperament
  • The truth of their claims

Similarly, as an individual, it’s hard to assess an employer’s intentions or nature via Telegram.

3. It’s Full of Scammers

Telegram is well known for its scam schemes, especially the “job interview” schemes where would-be employers contact you for a job proposal.

Even if none of the above applied to Telegram, this point alone is enough for most companies to stay away from Telegram.

They don’t want to be associated with the bad reputation of job scams that’s gone rampant on Telegram.

Conducting a job interview on Telegram puts you a few steps behind in terms of trustworthiness as an employer.

You need to make extra efforts to establish trust with the other person, so why would you even go through all this trouble?

4 Ways to Tell That a Telegram Interview Is a Scam

Are you still unsure whether the person contacting you about a job interview is a scammer?

Consider these 4 things before you make a decision that could affect your life going forward:

  • Are they insisting on conducting the interview via Telegram and avoiding other means of communication? They might come up with reasons to avoid video or face-to-face interviews.
  • They don’t have a profile picture, and their username/bio is either random or not professional enough. Either way, something about their profiles screams “scam
  • They’re charging a fee for the job interview or at the end of the job interview. Employers never charge fees during or after job interviews. They just don’t do that
  • They’re asking for a lot of personal information like your name, phone number, email address, banking account, and other unrelated information

Have you noticed these things in a would-be employer who’s contacted you on Telegram about a job interview? Stay far away from them!


To summarize, you shouldn’t trust a Telegram job interviewer because they’re likely trying to scam you. It’s happened before too many times.

Even if you want to ensure that the other person is truthful, Telegram makes it hard. How can you verify that the other person is who they’re saying they are?

I recommend being very careful about Telegram job interviews. Anyone can claim anything and send random contact info. Please don’t provide any personal information until you see them face-to-face.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below, and I’ll reply as soon as possible!

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