How to Login to an Old Telegram Account Without a Phone Number?

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How to Login to an Old Telegram Account Without a Phone Number?

Did you lose access to your old Telegram account, and you don’t have the same phone number anymore?

Unfortunately, you can’t recover your account unless you have a way of verifying your old phone number or you have a session open with your Telegram account.

If you still have your old Telegram account opened on a device, you can request to change your phone number.

But if you can’t access your old Telegram account and you don’t have your old telephone number, you can’t do anything to recover it.

There Is No Email Address Associated with Your Telegram Account

Your Telegram account doesn’t have an email address associated with it. This means you can’t recover the account with your email account.

The only personal identifier is your phone number. That’s the only thing you can use to access your Telegram account.

If you’re using Telegram on a new device, you’ll receive an SMS code on the phone number associated with your account.

Even if you contact Telegram, there isn’t anything they can do in most cases. You can still send them an email and explain the situation.

Tell them you’ve lost access to your phone and don’t have the same phone number (mention it in your message).

Attach your new phone number and ask them for help recovering the account. Depending on how they interpret the situation, they may help you.

But don’t count on it.

You Can Change the Phone Number Linked to Your Telegram Account

Did you know that you can change the phone number linked to your Telegram account? This means you need to have access to your Telegram account already.

Go to “Settings” – “Account” – “Change Phone Number” on your Telegram phone app and change your phone number.

Telegram will send an SMS code to your phone number; you need to confirm it. After this, the new phone number will be linked to your Telegram account.

But if you don’t have access to your phone number, there’s no way to gain access to your old Telegram account other than contacting Telegram and hoping for the best.


In short, you can’t recover an old Telegram account without your phone number and access to the Telegram account.

If you had access to the Telegram account, you could change the phone number and confirm it through the SMS code.

But if you:

  • Don’t have access to your phone number
  • Don’t have access to the Telegram account

You should try contacting Telegram support and explaining your situation. But the chances of recovering your account are very slim.

Post a comment below if you have any questions or know of a solution to this issue!

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