Is Telegram Used for Cheating? – Answered

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Is Telegram Used for Cheating? – Answered

Do you have reasons to believe your partner is using Telegram to cheat on you? Or are you just curious about the infamous reputation of Telegram?

This article will discuss why Telegram might be the greatest cheating app ever. But remember, Telegram doesn’t encourage cheating, officially or unofficially.

It’s just a communication app like WhatsApp. But still, keep reading to see why Telegram is awesome for cheaters!

Summary: Are you worried that your partner is using Telegram to cheat on you? While Telegram doesn’t encourage cheating, it does have features that can facilitate it. 

These include archived chats, which allow users to hide active chats from prying eyes; secret chats, which offer end-to-end encryption and self-destructing messages; silent messages, which allow users to mute notifications from specific chats; and the ability to change the name of a contact. 

These features can make it easier for someone to cheat using Telegram.

1. Archived Chats

Telegram has an “Archived chats” feature that lets you hide active chats away from prying eyes. WhatsApp has this feature, too, so don’t think that Telegram is the only app with this feature.

You won’t receive notifications when you archive a chat until you unarchive it again. You might notice how this feature is useful when your partner is looking through your phone.

The only downside is that the “Archives Chats” category is still visible at the top of the app.

Archived Chats category
Archived Chats category

If you see this option on your partner’s phone, open it and see what chats they are hiding. Maybe you’ll find your partner’s paramour here!

2. Secret Chats

Another feature that facilitates cheating on Telegram is the “Secret Chats” feature. When you create a secret chat with someone, you get the following benefits:

  • End-to-end encryption on the chat history
  • No traces are left on the Telegram servers
  • All messages have customizable self-destruct timers
  • Messages don’t allow forwarding
  • Impossible to take a screenshot of the chat

Secret chats are self-explanatory – they allow for secrecy when talking to someone. The messages will self-destruct in a specified period, and no one will be able to read them.

I couldn’t attach a picture of the secret chat because no screenshots are allowed, which is the entire point of a secret chat.

Secret chats are so good at keeping secrets, you’d think they were created with cheaters in mind. Hmm…

3. Silent Messages

You can mute a chat or a group, so you don’t receive notifications from it. Your phone won’t beep or make audible noises, so no one will know who you’re talking to.

Select "Mute"
Select “Mute

Once you select “Mute” in the top-right corner of the chat (after you tap the three-dot icon), you should see the following menu (see below).

Select "Mute Forever"
Select “Mute Forever

This is where you can select how to mute the other person. You can mute their message sounds or customize the feature further.

Tap on “Mute Forever” to mute the other person indefinitely (the better option).

Combined with the “Archived Chats” or “Secret Chats” functions, you get a pretty secure communication method with someone else (to cheat, of course).

If your partner is cheating, Telegram is the PERFECT place to do it. Depending on your needs, you can mute any chat indefinitely or for a set period.

For cheating purposes, most people will mute a chat indefinitely and leave it like that. Whenever they want to talk to their lover, they just open the chat and see what’s what.

4. Change Name

On Telegram, you can change the other person’s name to whatever you want. The app doesn’t impose a certain name.

As long as you change that person’s name on your phone, the name will also be changed on Telegram.

That’s because Telegram contacts rely on the contacts in your phone’s Contacts list. Your partner won’t suspect a thing if you receive messages from someone named “Josh” or something like that.

Once you change the other person’s name in your Contacts, talking to them on Telegram will become much easier.

So…that’s all. Now what can I say, happy cheating? Or, if you’re trying brainstorm if your partner is cheating, well, Telegram is what they might be using if they are.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions!

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