Tinder and Phone Numbers: How to Create a Tinder Account Without a Phone Number?

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Tinder and Phone Numbers: How to Create a Tinder Account Without a Phone Number?

There’s no way to create a Tinder account without a phone number. You won’t be able to confirm your account without one.

However, you shouldn’t worry because:

  1. Your phone number is not publicly visible on your account
  2. Your phone contacts won’t get notified that you’ve created a Tinder account
  3. Only your contacts can stumble upon you on Tinder based on your phone number

You can use a secondary phone number if you still don’t want to use your phone number for a Tinder account.

Read below for more information about this!

Summary: In this article, I explain why you need a phone number to create a Tinder account and how to use a secondary phone number for privacy. 

While your phone number is not publicly visible on your account and your contacts won’t be notified, using a secondary number can provide additional security and separation between your personal and love life. 

I discuss several ways to get a secondary phone number, including getting a new SIM card, using OpenPhone or the TextMe app.

Use a Secondary Phone Number

Since Tinder requires a phone number when creating an account, you can use a secondary phone number that none of your friends know about.

This way, you’ll avoid embarrassing situations where your phone contacts stumble upon you on Tinder or vice-versa.

Your secondary number should be hidden from everyone you know, and you should only use it for Tinder.

Not because you should hide your Tinder account but to avoid weird situations where you meet your friends on Tinder.

Here are several ways you can get a secondary phone number:

  • Get a new SIM card from your phone provider. This will likely require a new monthly subscription
  • Use OpenPhone to create a new number (a premium service that costs $13 per month for a simple subscription)
  • Use the TextMe app to get a new phone number

Any one of these solutions will work – just pick the easiest one that lets you create a Tinder account. You won’t need your phone number after creating the account either way.

The phone number is only required when creating an account. After this step, you’ll use your credentials to access the account.

Benefits of Using a Secondary Phone Number for Tinder

The biggest benefit of not using your phone number for Tinder is security. Online companies like Tinder are prone to be hacked.

Even though your phone number is not public, it’s still kept in Tinder’s databases. If someone gains unauthorized access to Tinder’s databases, your phone number might be leaked.

At that point, your privacy is forfeit. You’ll receive spam messages or calls from people with ill intentions.

With a secondary phone number, you have nothing to worry about. Even if it gets leaked, it doesn’t matter if you only use it for Tinder.

You can even change it once it gets leaked. Since you don’t have any personal or business-related attachments to it, it’ll be easy to replace.

Another benefit is separating your personal life from your love life. What if you receive a Tinder reminder on your phone number, and someone else sees it?

Imagine the discussions you’d have to be a part of. Having a secondary phone number prevents any of this from happening.

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