100 Great Role Names for a Discord Server

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Written by: Alex Popa


100 Great Role Names for a Discord Server

Owning a server on Discord means you need to create a hierarchy, but that doesn’t mean the role names have to be boring as all hell.

Quite the contrary – you can create any names imaginable, as long as they have a semblance of meaning and people know what you’re talking about.

In this article, I’ve compiled 100 great role names for your Discord server, and they’re all free to use. So throw a glance below and enjoy!

100 Great Role names for a Discord Server

  1. Admin
  2. Mod
  3. Mod Head
  4. Helper
  5. VIP
  6. Assistant
  7. Staff
  8. Owner
  9. Co-Owner
  10. Moderator
  11. Princess
  12. Duke
  13. King
  14. Royalty
  15. Hero
  16. Titan
  17. Guest
  18. Immortal
  19. Eternal
  20. Mortal
  21. Beast
  22. Duchess
  23. Viscount
  24. Count
  25. Enhanced
  26. Lord
  27. Iron
  28. Bronze
  29. Silver
  30. Gold
  31. Platinum
  32. Diamond
  33. Vampire
  34. Manager
  35. Overseer
  36. Overlord
  37. Warlord
  38. Crimson
  39. Peony
  40. Plebeian
  41. Nightlord
  42. Suspended
  43. Trial Mod
  44. Partner
  45. Newcomer
  46. Secretary
  47. Community Helper
  48. Former Staff
  49. CEO
  50. Senior
  51. Honorable
  52. Ancient
  53. Archaic
  54. Mythos
  55. Baron
  56. EarlGeneral
  57. Commander
  58. Captain
  59. Second-in-Command
  60. Leader
  61. First Sword
  62. Second Sword
  63. Third Sword
  64. Chi One
  65. Chi Two
  66. Mentor
  67. Boosted VIP
  68. Reaper
  69. Coordinator
  70. Active
  71. Super Active
  72. Extremely Active
  73. Superhuman
  74. Fledgling
  75. Novice
  76. Cookie Monster
  77. Member
  78. Trusted
  79. Customer
  80. Host
  81. Knight
  82. Squire
  83. Page
  84. Queen
  85. Infamous
  86. Titled
  87. Asura
  88. Golden
  89. Plated
  90. Juggernaut
  91. Bulwark
  92. Retired
  93. Fearful
  94. Vicar
  95. Priest
  96. Ancestor
  97. God
  98. Divinity
  99. All-Father
  100. Master


The entire purpose of roles on a Discord server is the hierarchy.

It gives every member a purpose and acknowledges their roles in the community.

There’s a sense of progression and penalties when different roles reflect these concepts.

The higher the hierarchy, the more impressive the role names.

If you liked any role names in our list, you’re free to use them as you see fit!

Also, check out my guide on good Discord server rules for more info.


How do I add color roles on Discord?

It’s simple to add a color role to Discord.

You need to go to your Settings for that.

When you’re in the server settings, click on “Roles” and then click on every individual role to edit them.

Go to the “Display” tab and look for the “Role Color” option. That’s where you can change the color roles on a Discord server.

Remember that if you change a role’s color, the role’s name will change to that color.

What are role permissions on Discord?

There are multiple permissions you can issue for certain roles on Discord.

A Moderator can have the following roles:

– Ban members
– Kick members
– Manage messages
– Suspend members
– Send messages
– See voice channels and read text channels
– Read message history

The Owner role should have even more permissions than the Moderators.

Lesser roles will have fewer permissions that grow with their progression through the roles.

Can Discord admins see your IP?

No, they cannot.

They can only see general information like username, description, and the game they’re playing.

They can’t see confidential information like the IP and can’t use it against you.

They may be moderators on the servers, but they’re not admins on Discord itself.

Only you know your IP and other confidential information.

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