Creating Harmony in Discord: Good Discord Server Rules

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Written by: Alex Popa


Creating Harmony in Discord: Good Discord Server Rules

A Discord server needs to have a set of good rules to establish order.

Without rules, it’ll be chaos, and everyone will do whatever they want.

There’s a middle-ground when establishing rules – not too harsh and not too lenient.

If you don’t know what rules to set, this guide is for you!

We’ve compiled a list of common-sense Discord rules that you can copy-paste to your Discord server.

Read below to find out more!

Summary: This article provides guidance on how to establish good rules for a Discord server, ensuring a balanced and welcoming environment for all members. 

The key is to have common-sense, reasonable rules that prevent chaos and maintain order. 

A comprehensive list of suggested rules is provided, which can be copy-pasted into the server's Rules Channel. 

To ensure these rules are followed, the article recommends creating a team of trusted moderators to enforce them and keep the server a safe and enjoyable space for everyone.

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Good Discord Server Rules

Good Discord Server Rules

  1. Don’t use the server as a dating server
  2. Be welcoming, civil, and respectful
  3. Don’t post unsafe and inappropriate content
  4. Spamming in any form isn’t allowed
  5. Controversial topics such as politics and religion are not allowed
  6. No flirting is permitted on the server
  7. No bot commands
  8. No flame wars allowed
  9. No adult discussions
  10. No advertisements without permission
  11. Keep conversations in English
  12. No excessive messaging allowed
  13. No walls of text allowed
  14. Don’t overuse Caps Lock
  15. Leaking other members’ personal information is not allowed
  16. Don’t post unsafe links or malicious content
  17. Don’t link to scam websites
  18. Don’t mass mention members by pinging more than 4 people at once
  19. Remain on topic and post on the relevant channels
  20. Don’t send malicious and harmful content that may harm others
  21. Spoilers must contain the spoiler tag
  22. Don’t post major spoilers from movies, games, anime, etc
  23. Don’t converse about adult and non-PG topics
  24. Don’t’ share any personal information
  25. Obnoxious sounds are not allowed
  26. No discrimination is tolerated
  27. Racism, and xenophobia are not allowed
  28. Don’t impersonate others, including public figures
  29. Limit the promotion of content
  30. Don’t contact any server members unsolicited
  31. Raiding is not allowed
  32. Harassment, including doxxing, blackmailing, or inappropriate DMs, will result in a permanent ban
  33. Don’t claim other people’s art
  34. Don’t harass or participate in harassment against other members
  35. Don’t ping staff members without legitimate reasons
  36. Don’t send copypastas
  37. Encouraging rule-breaking is not allowed
  38. Don’t record voice channel conversations
  39. Don’t engage in hate speech
  40. Don’t threaten any member on the server
  41. Catfishing is not allowed
  42. You need to be “x” years old to use this server
  43. Don’t discuss or request real money trades
  44. We encourage freedom of expression, so debates are welcome as long as they’re kept civil and reasonable
  45. Don’t be toxic or intentionally mean
  46. Don’t DDoS other users or threaten them with DDoS
  47. Streaming copyrighted content is not allowed
  48. Don’t impersonate another role to manipulate other users
  49. Don’t play music through your microphone
  50. Don’t mic spam
  51. Listen to the staff
  52. Trading, selling, and boosting accounts is not allowed
  53. XP-Grinding is not allowed
  54. Discord names and avatars need to be appropriate
  55. Don’t attempt to bypass blocked words
  56. Alternate accounts aren’t allowed
  57. Don’t send Discord server to invite links or codes
  58. Don’t role-play on the server
  59. Don’t talk about banner members
  60. Don’t engage in message chains


Good Discord server rules are usually common-sensical and reasonable ones.

You don’t have to think hard about them. But if you’re not experienced in heading a server, this list should give you an idea.

You’re free to copy-paste them as they are!

Rules are a must on any Discord server, though. It tells members what they can and can’t do.

If you haven’t the slightest idea of what rules to set on your Discord server, feel free to use the rules above.


How can you set rules on a Discord server?

The rules should be in the Rules Channel on a Discord server.

So, you should first create another channel on your server and name it Rules.

Then, go to its settings and make it read-only for all members. Disable “Send Messages” in the permissions to make it read-only.

Once you do that, write the list of rules and send it to the channel.

They’ll remain there as a sticky message, and since no one is allowed to chat on that channel, the rules will always be visible.

How can you ensure that people follow Discord rules?

It’s quite simple. Give moderator permissions to some members you trust.

They’ll enforce the rules. The mods can mute or ban those users if someone breaks the rules.

The repercussions of breaking the rules need to be clear as well.

Even if you set a Membership Screening that people need to agree with before joining the server, it doesn’t mean they’ll follow the rules afterward.

That’s why you need a team of moderators to enforce the rules.

That’s how any social hierarchy works. Someone establishes the rules, and others enforce them.

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