Roblox Levels Up: The New and Improved Anti-Cheat System

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Roblox Levels Up: The New and Improved Anti-Cheat System

Roblox has an anti-cheat engine in effect, but until a few months ago, it was very ineffective at banning cheaters.

Based on user complaints, the moderators weren’t too interested in banning cheaters either. It was a combination of bad anti-cheat software and disinterested moderators.

However, in September 2022, Roblox officially said on Twitter that they’re working on a better anti-cheat system to discourage cheating on the platform.

Will the new cheat engine be better at its job? I don’t know but it won’t be long before we’ll see it in action. Read below for more details on this!

Summary: Roblox has been working on a new anti-cheat system since September 2022, with the acquisition of Byfron, an anti-cheat technology company. 

The new system will be both server-sided and client-sided, assessing individual players for mods, exploits, and cheats when launching, rather than just performing server-wide scans. 

The implementation of this new technology is still in progress and is expected to significantly improve the platform's ability to detect and deter cheating.

New Anti-Cheat System

Twitter announcement about Roblox's new anti-cheat system
Twitter announcement about Roblox’s new anti-cheat system

On September 9th, 2022, Roblox announced that they’re working on a new anti-cheat engine that employs a a more performative engine than what they were using before.

A month later, in October, Roblox announced that they’d acquired the anti-cheat technology company Byfron.

According to the official blog, “these systems will not only be server-sided, but client-sided as well, meaning that they will search players individually for mods, exploits, and cheats when launching, rather than just doing a general, server-wide scan.”

Byfron also created the anti-cheat systems for Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Overwatch 2, which says a lot about their experience.

Both the userbase and game programmers were thrilled about the announcement, though there were some confusing elements that the programmers wanted to learn about.

Roblox dev forum showing a few comment threats posted by game programmers on Roblox's announcement about Byfron's acquisition
Roblox dev forum showing a few comment threats posted by game programmers on Roblox’s announcement about Byfron’s acquisition

Judging by the latest comments on that topic, the new anti-cheat technology hasn’t been implemented yet. Roblox is still working on it.

But then again, the new engine can’t be worse than the previous one, where game programmers had to create their “own” anti-cheat software for their games.

The new system will cover the entire platform and be client-focused, which means every player will be individually assessed for using hacks when starting the game.

Before this, the anti-cheat engine only analyzed server activities and often failed to see someone using exploits.

Hopefully, the new anti-cheat system will solve the pervasive hacking problem in Roblox!

If you have any questions about Roblox’s new anti-cheat software or need help with something else, let me know in the comments below!

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