Recipe to Success – The World’s Fastest-Growing Instagram Creators

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Recipe to Success – The World’s Fastest-Growing Instagram Creators

If you’ve read my other guide on the most popular accounts on Instagram, this is not that. In this article, I’ll look at the creator accounts with the fastest growth in the January-June 2022 period.

The key metric I’ll use is the number of followers. So, the account that increases its follower number the most during that period is the fastest one to grow.

Makes sense? Then let’s get to it.

I’ll show you a chart because that’s the fastest way we’re going to do this:

Account NameFollower % Increase Between January-June 2022

It seems that some of these creators had astounding growth in just 6 months. However, the channel of creator Jorge Gomez (@jorgegobal) takes the cake with a whopping 573.39%.

At the time of writing this article, this account had 2.9 million followers but it’s everyone’s guess how many followers it had back in January or June 2022.

There’s no particular similarity between these creators. Some of them are footballers, others are crypto investors, singers, fitness enthusiasts, random Arab accounts, ex-sprinters, and so on.

What ties them all together is that they’ve suddenly become famous “over night”. Well, 6 months is a really short period for an account to experience a 276.88% like @sueliton91.

What Led to This Rapid Ascension?

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you. I’ve looked through some of these accounts during the January-June 2022 period, and before, and I couldn’t see a distinct transformation in the content they posted.

It could simply be a case of “progressive consistency leads to exponential growth“, and that exponential growth happened to occur during this period.

What I did notice is that most of these accounts were very eye-catching and promoted a high-octane lifestyle, so to speak.

Beautiful cars, huge mansions, gym exercising, gorgeous women, athleticism, and so on. You know, the type of things that attract the most attention on Instagram.

Are these accounts going to keep growing at the same pace in the future? Unknown and uncertain. Some of these accounts might have had a one-time lucky streak and their popularity will die out soon.

Others, on the other hand, might capitalize on this rapid growth to push their channels forward and keep growing.

And that’s all I can say on the topic. I hope you’ve learned some useful things from this article!


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