Finding Friends on Snapchat: Can You Use Their Email Address?

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Finding Friends on Snapchat: Can You Use Their Email Address?

Are you trying to reconnect with an old friend or find a colleague from work on Snapchat, but you only know their email address?

There’s no direct way of finding someone on Snapchat using their email address. The app doesn’t offer this feature.

And there are no apps that can help you do that. Your only choice is to ask that person for their Snapchat handle.

Read below for more information about this!

Summary: In this article, I explain that there is no direct way to find someone on Snapchat using their email address. 

The app does not offer this feature and there are no apps that can help. 

I suggest asking the person directly for their Snapchat handle or trying to use the terms in their email address in the Snapchat search bar. 

However, this method is uncertain and may not work.

Ask Them for Their Snapchat Handle

Ask them directly if you only know someone’s email address and want to find their Snapchat profile.

Send them an email or contact them via another social media channel and ask them to give you their Snapchat handle.

Tell them that you’re a friend from work or, if they’re an old friend, that you want to reconnect and get together.

Since you have their email address, you must have a relationship with them. Use that to create rapport with them.

Try Using the Snapchat Search Function

Disclaimer – this method is highly uncertain, and you aren’t likely to find good results, but it’s worth a try.

You’ll want to use the terms in that person’s email address in the Snapchat search bar. If that person’s email address is something like “[email protected]“, you can type in Snapchat “kylemason” or “kylemason98“.

If you’re lucky, the other person might have used the same keywords in their email address to create a Snapchat account.

But this is a far-fetched solution that may not work in most cases. Most people either use derivations of their names when creating email addresses or random things that have nothing to do with their names.

So, you won’t find their Snapchat account by searching for their email addresses.

That’s about everything I can tell you. If you have any questions or know of a method to find someone on Snapchat with their email address, let me know!

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