Breaking Free: How to Get Rid of the Yellow Heart on Snapchat?

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Breaking Free: How to Get Rid of the Yellow Heart on Snapchat?

Do you want to escape from the Yellow Heart on Snapchat? It’s simple – stop talking to someone with a Yellow Heart next to their name.

If you didn’t know, a Yellow Heart next to a friend’s name on Snapchat means you and that person as Best Friends on the platform.

You’re best friends! You’re talking to them more than you do with any other friend on your list. And they’re doing the same.

To get rid of the Yellow Heart, stop talking with that friend for 2 days, and the emoji will disappear by itself.

But there’s something else you should know. Read below to learn more about the Yellow Heart!

Summary: In this article, I guide you on how to escape the Yellow Heart on Snapchat by changing your messaging habits with the friend associated with it.

The Yellow Heart signifies that you and your friend are Best Friends on the platform.

To make it disappear, you can either gradually reduce your conversations with that friend or maintain the Yellow Heart for over two weeks to turn it into a Red Heart, which represents an even closer friendship.

Remember that these changes will be noticed by the Snapchat algorithm, which will adjust the emojis accordingly.

When Does the Yellow Heart Appear?

To eliminate this emoji, it’s important to know what makes it appear. Snapchat has an emoji system in place to reward social interaction.

One of these emojis is the Yellow Heart attached to two people’s names on Snapchat. You two are Best Friends because you send them the most messages.

However, this is a reciprocal relationship. The Yellow Heart can disappear when either of you stops sending messages to another person.

If you don’t want the other person to notice that you’re becoming cold, don’t stop sending them messages immediately.

Instead, do it gradually so they don’t notice it. The Yellow Heart will only disappear if the Snapchat algorithm identifies that you aren’t talking to the other person as much as with your other friends.

If your conversations are approximately equal between your Snapchat friends, the Yellow Heart will not appear.

Turn a Yellow Heart into a Red Heart

If you don’t like how the Yellow Heart looks, maybe you’ll prefer the Red Heart. The Yellow Heart isn’t the end of your friendship on Snapchat.

If you maintain a Yellow Heart for more than two weeks, it transforms into a Red Heart, signifying “bestest friends.”

This is one way of getting rid of the Yellow Heart that you might not have considered. If you don’t like the Heart emoji, stick to the first solution I mentioned: reduce your conversations with that friend, and the heart will go away by itself. However, if the other person keeps talking to you, they’ll still see the heart on their account.

Over time, you’ll get a Smirking Smiling face, which means you’re not engaging with them as much as they engage with you. It may be cheeky, but it gets the job done.


In short, if you don’t like the Yellow Heart, you can get rid of it by not talking to your Best Friend for several days.

The Snapchat algorithm will notice this and take away the Yellow Heart. Depending on how the other person acts, you may get a Smirking Smiling Face or a simple Smile.

If you have more questions about the emoji system on Snapchat, comment below, and I’ll help you.

Stay tuned for more guides about Snapchat and other social media platforms!

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