Don’t Get Scammed: How to Spot Fake Discord Nitro Invites

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Written by: Alex Popa


Don’t Get Scammed: How to Spot Fake Discord Nitro Invites

Did you receive a Discord Nitro invitation link, and do you want to know if it’s real or fake? Don’t worry. I’ll tell you which Discord Nitro links are fake and which are real.

How to tell if a Discord Nitro link is real?

First, if the invitation is a link, it’s most likely fake. Official Discord Nitro invites are in text form and not links. The links are not embedded in the invite text on official Discord invites.

Moreover, fake Discord Nitro invites contain fishy text inside the link and will lead you to a webpage on the internet. Real Nitro invites don’t do that.

Read below to find out more about fake and real Discord Nitro links!

Summary: In this article, I provide tips on how to tell if a Discord Nitro link is real or fake. Official Discord Nitro invites are in text form and do not contain embedded links. 

Real Nitro invites have an expiration timer and the link format is “” followed by a random code. 

Be cautious of who sent you the invite and always double-check before clicking on any links. Don’t fall for scams trying to steal your data!
How to Know if a Discord Nitro Link Is Real?

Check for Embedded Links

As I said, official Nitro invites from Discord don’t have embedded links. Here’s an example of an official Discord Nitro invite:

Real Discord Nitro link
Real Discord Nitro link

This is what a real Discord Nitro invite looks like. As you can see, there’s no embedded link anywhere in the text, which matters. Instead, you can click the “Accept” button to accept the Nitro invite.

Now, look below to see how a fake Nitro Invite appears:

Fake Discord Nitro link
Fake Discord Nitro link

Do you see the embedded link on the “https://discord.birth/kjqs…” link?

That’s a sign that the Nitro link is fake. Official Nitro invites “never” contain embedded links. Plus, there’s no “Accept” button either.

Look at the Link Format

If you’re unsure whether a Nitro link is real, look at the link format provided in the invite.

Is the link format ““? Then, it’s a real Nitro invite. This is the only genuine link format for Discord Nitro invites.

If the link is “” or something like that, it’s a fake link. The link format can take any form, like in the image above, “https://discord.birth“.

The “birth” wording doesn’t belong there. There’s also random wording on fake Nitro links that you need to watch out for.

Remember that the real link format is ““, followed by a random code.

Check for an Expiration Timer

All official Nitro will have an expiration timer. If you don’t see an expiration timer on the invite, then it’s fake.

Check for an expiration timer
Check for an expiration timer.

You should see the expiration timer next to the “Accept” button, a bit to the right. The expiration timer can be anything, including hours, days, or weeks.

Check the Link Sender

Who sent you the Nitro invite link? Was it a bot, a stranger, or your friend? The invite link is 100% fake if it was a bot. This is how hackers do their shady business on Discord – through bots.

If it was a total stranger, then it’s highly likely the invite link is fake. How did that person know who you are, how did they get your account information, and why would they offer you a free invite?

Good things aren’t usually free; if someone offers something free, you should think twice before accepting.

On the other hand, if a friend offers a Discord Nitro invite, it might be real. Still, I recommend using the steps in this guide to assess whether the invite is real or fake.

Your friend might have been fooled by someone else, and they don’t have bad intentions toward you.


In short, you can know whether a Discord Nitro link is real or fake by analyzing a few things:

  • Real invites have no embedded links
  • Real invites have an expiration timer
  • Real invites have the “” link format
  • Real invites will take you to the payment page on Discord, not to an internet webpage

If the link has embedded links, no expiration timer, and a weird link format, don’t even think about clicking on it. It’s a scam attempt trying to steal your data. Don’t give in!

Comment below if you have any questions or want to share your personal experiences with Discord Nitro fake invites.

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