How to Use Instagram Filters on Reels?

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How to Use Instagram Filters on Reels?

Do you want to add a few filters to your reels before posting them on Instagram? I’ll teach you how to do that in a few easy steps.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Tap on the Plus icon at the top of the Instagram app
  2. Select “Reels” from the bottom menu
  3. Scroll through the filters to select one
  4. Finish your Reel and post it

It’s that simple. Four steps to creating an Instagram Reel with a filter doesn’t sound difficult, right? Keep reading to see the actual steps!

1. Tap on the “+” icon

Tap on the "+" icon
Tap on the “+” icon

Open Instagram, log in, and tap on the + icon at the top of your screen. Do what you normally do when you want to post something.

2. Select “Reel” from the bottom menu

Select "Reel" from the bottom menu
Select “Reel” from the bottom menu

Next, you’ll arrive at the content selection page, where you can select what to post from your photo library. But you don’t want that.

Look at the bottom of the screen for the “Reel” button and tap on it.

3. Make a reel with or without initial filters

Make a reel with or without initial filters
Make a reel with or without initial filters

You’ll be taken to the main section, where you can create your reel. You can use filters before creating your reel by scrolling through various filters at the bottom.

Please select the one you like and tap on it to take a photo.

4. Tap on the “Effects” icon

Tap on the "Effects" icon
Tap on the “Effects” icon

Next, you want to select the “Effects” icon if you need to add other filters or effects to your reel. If not, you can proceed to the next step by tapping “Next.”

For this video, we’ll go over the “Effects” option!

5. Select an effect

Select an effect
Select an effect

You can choose another effect or filter to apply to your Reel on this page. Once you select the one you like, tap on “Done‘ in the top right corner to proceed to the next step.

6. Select “Next

Select "Next"
Select “Next

If you don’t want to edit the video, select “Next” to move on to the final step in posting your Reel.

7. Post the Reel

Post the Reel
Post the Reel

Now, all you need to do is post the reel. Tag people, add a location, write a catchy caption, and then select “Share” to post the Reel on Instagram.

That’s all you need to do.


So, there you go. To use filters on Instagram Reels, you must select the “Effects” option during the Reel creation process.

You can even select effects and filters before making the Reel, which I recommend. But after-effects will add a unique vibe to your reel too!

Suppose you have questions about using filters on Instagram Reels, comment below. I’ll be sure to reply as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more informational content on Instagram and not only!

Can you add filters to existing reels?

No, sadly. Instagram doesn’t let you add any effects or filters to an existing reel you’ve already posted.

This option exists for normal videos but not for reels, as far as I know. However, Instagram may add this feature in the future because many users are demanding it.

Until then, I recommend using your preferred filters before posting the reel, or you’ll need to reshoot the reel over to add a new filter.

And if it’s a unique reel with specific footage you can’t reproduce, it’ll be a shame to have missed the chance to add a good reel.

Hopefully, Instagram will add the option to edit filters in the future and add filters to them!

I also recommend thinking twice before posting a reel vs. a video. Unlike a reel, you can fully edit a video even after posting it.

What is a reel on Instagram?

There’s a difference between reels, stories, and videos on Instagram. They’re not the same, users don’t interact the same with them, and it’s worth knowing about these differences.

Here are the main perks of Instagram reels:

– They have access to more music libraries
– You can use more editing tools
– You have access to more filters
– You can use audio from other creators
– You can create remixes on your reels

Reels allow you to do more things than you’d be able to on regular videos and photos.

However, a disadvantage is that you can’t edit reels as in-depth as you’d want after posting them.

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