Demystifying the NFS Acronym on Instagram

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Demystifying the NFS Acronym on Instagram

NFS” is one of the many acronyms used on Instagram and other social media, and it has different meanings based on the context:

  1. Not for Sale
  2. No Funny Sh*t
  3. Network File System
  4. Not Following Specified
  5. Need for Speed
  6. No Filter Sunday

Keep reading if you’re up for a lesson on acronyms and have some spare time. Below, I’ll explain how the “NFS” acronym is used in each context on Instagram.

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What Does NFS Mean on Instagram?

NFS – Not for Sale

  • Used By – Professional Business Owners
  • Meaning – People use this expression on Instagram to clarify that a property, business, or product is not for sale.
  • Example – If you were to advertise your beauty salon business on Instagram, you could add the “NFS” tag in case someone believes you want to sell it. It shows people that the business isn’t for sale.
  • Interesting Details – The “Not for Sale” expression is the origin of the “NFS” acronym on the internet.

But this isn’t the only meaning of the “NFS” acronym. The “Not for Sale” expression is actually not what most people mean with the “NFS” acronym.

NFS – No Funny Sh*t

  • Used By – Regular Instagram Users (teenagers mostly)
  • Meaning – In this case, it means “No Funny Sh*t,” and it means that you’re tired of the conversation or want the other person to stop it with the jokes. You’re serious and expect the other person to act the same. Another use of this expression is when the speaker wants everyone to know he’s serious about an otherwise non-serious matter.
  • Example – In a conversation on Instagram, you could say, “Hey, NFS, alright?” when the other person is joking around on a serious matter to show your irritation. Another example is when you’d say, “NFS, I’ll buy it now,” to show that you’re going to commit to buying something you previously joked about in a conversation.
  • Interesting Details – The “No Funny Sh*t” expression is most often used in DMs on Instagram, not on posts or with hashtags.

NFS – Network File System

  • Used By – Programmers and Technicians
  • Meaning – It means “Network File System,” a mechanism used to store files on a network. Or on the cloud.
  • Example – Someone could say, “Yeah, you’re supposed to store those files with NFS” they refer to the “Network File System.”
  • Interesting Details – You won’t see this expression used often. In most cases on Instagram, the “NFS” acronym refers either to “Not for Sale” or “No Funny Sh*t.”

NFS – Not Following Specified

  • Used By – Common Instagram Users
  • Meaning – When you see this, the other person will not follow you. You may be following them, but they don’t want to follow you back.
  • Example – When a popular person has “NFS” on their profile, or if they post this somewhere, it might mean that they’re saying they won’t follow people back if they follow them.
  • Interesting Details – This use of the “NFS” acronym is extremely rare, even on Instagram.

NFS – Need for Speed

  • Used By – Common Instagram Users (gaming community)
  • Meaning – The acronym stands for “Need for Speed,” a popular video game franchise. People could refer to the franchise or a specific game in the franchise when using the “NFS” acronym.
  • Example – If someone were to say, “Have you played the latest NFS?” or “Have you heard about NFS?” they might refer to “Need for Speed,” the game franchise.
  • Interesting Details – The “Need for Speed” game franchise has 22 games and a remaster under its umbrella.

NFS – No Filter Sunday

  • Used By – Common Instagram Users
  • Meaning – The “No Filter Sunday” expression means that the person using it has posted a picture without a filter on Instagram. Most likely, this is happening on a Sunday too.
  • Example – The person could add the hashtag “NFS” or the “NFS” description to a selfie they’ve posted on Instagram. 
  • Interesting Details – Again, this use of the “NFS” acronym isn’t that common.

That’s all there is to know about the acronym “NFS” on Instagram. If you encounter it, it most likely refers to one of the expressions mentioned above.

I hope this guide has helped clarify the meaning for you. “NFS” is just one of many confusing acronyms used on Instagram and other social media platforms.

If you’re not part of a specific community or are less connected to social media, these acronyms can be quite perplexing.

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But that’s why I’m here. Look through the guides here, and maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for!

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