The Dark Art of Discord Destruction: How to Nuke a Discord Server Without Admin?

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The Dark Art of Discord Destruction: How to Nuke a Discord Server Without Admin?

Are you trying to nuke a Discord server (hack it), but you don’t have admin privileges? I’ve done the research, and there are several ways you can do this.

I don’t condone nuking any Discord server, but if you need to know how it’s done, this article is for you.

You’ll need to do one of the following to nuke a Discord server:

  1. Hack an admin’s Discord account and give your account admin privileges
  2. Manipulate an admin to invite a bot to the server and give it admin privileges
  3. Convince an admin to go rogue and nuke the server

These are the only ways you can nuke a Discord server. And even then, some of them are hard to pull off.

If you want to know more about nuking a Discord server, keep reading!

Summary: This controversial article sheds light on the process of nuking a Discord server without admin privileges, although the author doesn't condone this behavior. 

The process involves gaining admin privileges through hacking an admin's account, manipulating an admin to invite a bot with admin privileges, or convincing an admin to go rogue. 

Utilizing nuking bots like C-REAL, Nukebot, or others found on GitHub, the server can be effectively destroyed. 

However, this is a challenging task and the consequences can be damaging to the server's user base and trust.

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How to Nuke a Discord Server Without Admin?

What Does Nuking a Discord Server Mean?

If you haven’t heard the term, nuking a Discord server means hijacking it. The hacker deletes channels, adds Ping bots that ping all the users constantly, and more.

In short, the server is destroyed – nuked – when this happens. A server owner can don’t do too many things once a hacker nukes the server.

That’s because the hacker has somehow bypassed the admin privileges requirement to control the server.

Fixing a nuked server can be done, but the user base will lose trust.

When the server owner fixes it, many users will already leave it.

Getting them back will take time, and there’s a high certainty you won’t be able to do it.

How Do You Nuke a Discord Server Without Admin?

To nuke a Discord server, you’ll need a nuking bot. Several you’ll find online, like C-REAL, that will get the job done.

Some more on GitHub, so you may need to familiarize yourself with the way GitHub works.

It’s important to remember that you need admin privileges to use a nuking bot to nuke a discord server.

It will be much harder to nuke a Discord server if you don’t have admin privileges.

You have three options:

  • Hack an admin’s Discord account and give yourself admin privileges
  • Invite a bot to the server and convince an admin to give admin to the bot
  • Convince an admin to turn against the server and nuke it
  • Use a bot that gives you admin privileges

The easiest method is to hack an admin’s account, but only if they don’t have Two-Factor Authentication.

If they do, the task is impossible. You’ll need access to their email address and mobile phone to hack their Discord account.

In most cases, it’s just not worth it to get through all this hassle just to nuke a Discord server.

But if you’re dedicated and manage to do it, download a nuke bot and finish the job!

A bot like Nukebot has several commands that let you mess with the services, including:

  • $rap3 – This command bans everyone off the server and removes all channels
  • $h – Kicks everyone from the server
  • $dab – Gives you admin privileges (doesn’t always work)
Image of an interface of a Discord Nuke bot
Discord Nuke Bot

If the admin command doesn’t work, you’ll need to use the three other methods to bypass the admin requirements.


To summarize, it’s difficult to nuke a Discord server if you don’t have admin privileges.

You’ll need to somehow get admin privileges by:

  • Using a bot
  • Convincing an admin to give you admin privileges
  • Convincing an admin to give admin privileges to your nuke bot

Alternatively, you can hack an admin’s account and give yourself admin privileges, but again, this will be hard to pull off.

After you get admin privileges, it’s all a matter of typing in certain commands on your bot to nuke the Discord server.

That’s it. If you have any questions, comment below, and I’ll reply as soon as possible!

Is it wrong to nuke a Discord server?

Using nuking bots to kick and ban members is against the Terms of Service on Discord. It can get you banned, in other words.

Discord has been getting better at recognizing hackers lately. You’re taking a risk if you want to nuke a Discord server.

But some hackers are very good at hiding themselves or using secondary accounts they can afford to lose.

In this case, Discord may not discover them, which leaves them potentially danger-free in the wild.

As for the morality of it, they are nuking a server that is condemnable. Even if someone was mean to you, most users on the server are innocent.

And if someone was mean to you on a Discord server, leave the server and call it a day. It’s not worth it to put it to heart.

Move on and find another server you enjoy because that’s how social media works.

Many people will be unreasonably mean, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay attention to them.

It’s better to forget and learn to stay true to yourself. Nuking a server isn’t a good solution most times.

Why do people nuke Discord servers?

In most cases, people decide to nuke Discord servers for two reasons:

They’re having fun
Someone on the Discord server picked on them, and they felt offended.

You’ve probably heard about nuked Discord servers that couldn’t revive, no matter what.

That’s one of the likeliest results of a nuked server, sadly. After the hacker is done with the server, there’s not much left to start over.

The user base has already lost trust in the server’s security, and there’s no surefire way of announcing a server revival to everyone.

Based on user reports, whenever a server was nuked, it was discovered that the perpetrator had a personal vendetta against someone on the server.

The attack was often directed at one of the admins or the server owner themselves.

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