TikTok Filter Oops: What to Do When You Can’t Remove it from a Saved Video

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Written by: Alex Popa


TikTok Filter Oops: What to Do When You Can’t Remove it from a Saved Video

It’s impossible to remove a filter from a video once that video is posted. The ONLY time you can remove the filter is before posting the video.

After posting it, the filters get blended into the video. This makes them impossible to remove, no matter what you do.

There are tricks you can use to edit some aspects of the video (contrast, brightness, vignette, etc.) to somehow make the video more natural but it’s impossible to bring it back to its original pre-filtered form.

Summary: In this article, I explain that it’s impossible to remove a filter from a TikTok video once it has been posted. 

The only time you can remove the filter is before posting the video. After posting, the filters become blended into the video and cannot be removed. 

I also provide an analogy to explain why filters cannot be removed from saved videos and suggest reshooting the video or finding a similar one without a filter as alternatives.

Why Can’t You Remove Filters from Saved Videos?

That’s like asking “why can’t you remove the flour from baked bread?“. Because the flour has become the bread. It is the bread.

Similarly (sort of), the filters are now part of the video, and nothing you do can change that after the fact.

As I said, you could, potentially, bring the video 90% back to its original form through advanced video editing (probably, I’m no expert) but not 100%.

This isn’t even like removing a person or an object from a video. That can be done with enough effort.

But a filter permeates the entire video. It changes so much of the video (at its core) that you can’t possibly remove it without ruining the entire video.

So, What Can I Do?

I’m sorry to say this but…nothing. Shoot the video again or try to find a similar video without a filter. Because there’s no way to remove it.

The situation would be completely different if you hadn’t posted the video yet. If it’s still in the editing screen, then you can easily remove the filter by going to “Filters“.

But we’re talking about a video you saved from TikTok. A video that belongs to someone else who has already posted it.

Nope, there’s no way to remove the filters.

Leave a comment below if you know of any ways to do this!

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