How Does the Roblox Premium Payout Work?

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How Does the Roblox Premium Payout Work?

Quick summary:

The Roblox Premium Payout system determines how much Robux you receive based on how long other Premium players spend in your experience.

If you’re a Roblox developer, this article will give you all the juicy info about the Roblox Payout system, how it’s calculated, when you get paid, and other interesting facts.

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How Is the Payout Calculated?

The official Roblox page says, “A Premium Payout allows you to earn Robux based on the share of time Premium members engage in your experiences.”

So, it doesn’t matter that a Premium player has accessed your Experience. What matters is how long they played it.

Roblox Premium Payout graph showing the Premium Playtime Score (yellow) and the Premium Playtime Robux earned (blue)
Roblox Premium Payout graph showing the Premium Playtime Score (yellow) and the Premium Playtime Robux earned (blue)

The graph above calculates the Premium Payout using two metrics:

  • Premium Playtime Score (in yellow) represents the amount of time Premium users spend in your experiences “per day“.
  • Premium Playtime Robux Earned (in dotted blue line) shows the amount you “could” earn from the engagement of Premium users.

The crux of the issue here is that your Robux Payouts are “not” calculated based on the Premium Playtime Score/daily time that Premium users spend in your experiences.

Instead, the Payout is calculated by looking at and aggregating every Premium user’s interaction over the last 28 days.

The Premium Playtime Score (solid yellow line) should only be used as a ballpark approximation of potential future earnings and not guarantees any earnings.

The dotted blue line (projected earnings) will become solid and put under the “Pending Robux” category once 28 days pass and the payout amount is finalized.

Do I Need to Do Anything to Receive Payouts?

No, you don’t need to do anything. The Robux Payouts are processed automatically every 28 days. The system calculates the interaction of Premium users with your experiences automatically.

The Payouts are also sent to your Roblox account automatically.

The more time Premium users spend in your Experience, the bigger the payouts you receive. This might make you try to persuade free users to go Premium.

And you can certainly do that. You can also earn Robux payouts by encouraging users to upgrade to Premium via the Premium Purchase Model.

Roblox in-game notification showing the benefits you get from Premium
Roblox in-game notification showing the benefits you get from Premium

When upgrading to Premium, users receive the following:

  • 450 Robux per month
  • Access to Premium-only benefits
  • 10% bonus when buying Robux

The Roblox blog recommends you avoid using paywalls and pay-to-win systems in encouraging visitors to your Experience to upgrade to Premium.

Usually, paywalls annoy users instead of persuading them to buy what you’re advertising. And Pay-to-Win systems are doomed to fail the moment they’re implemented.

Instead, you should be honest and transparent and not promise anything other than what the Premium Roblox subscription offers.

Can You Earn Robux From Visiting Your Experiences?

Yes, in fact. Roblox states, “You will earn the same amount of Robux for each unit of Premium time spent in your experience, regardless of the experience’s size“.

This means you can log in and go AFK in your own experience and still earn Robux passively.

Don’t think of this as cheating the system. Developers have to playtest the game before making it public to ensure it’s working correctly.

One user on Reddit estimated that you’d get 100 Robux per hour spent in your own Experience. While that doesn’t seem like a lot, it becomes significant over time.

If you’re a prolific game developer on Roblox, you’ll playtest many games, leading to significant payouts over time.

Comment below if you have any questions about the Roblox Payout system!

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