Curious to Know Who Follows a Private Instagram Account? Here’s How!

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Curious to Know Who Follows a Private Instagram Account? Here’s How!

You can’t see the followers of a private account if you’re not one of their followers yourself.

The only exception is if some of your friends follow that private account. In that case, when you visit the private account on Instagram, you’ll see a notification that your friends are following that account.

But you won’t see who are the other people following that private account.

However, there are some things you can try that may or may not work. I’ll list them below, so be sure to check my guide!

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Do Instagram Account Viewer Tools Work?

No, they won’t. Tools like iStaunch or the Unlock Private App are all scams. They make money off of users completing the verification steps or watching ads.

But none of them can give you access to private Instagram accounts. That’s because they can’t modify the Instagram source code.

You still need to follow a private account to see its private content and its list of followers. Nothing will change that other than a blatant hack of Instagram’s servers.

I don’t recommend you try using any of these tools for your good. You’ll be wasting time, and you never know what malicious tool you will use that steals your data.

Ask Your Friends Who Follow the Private Account

Do any of your friends follow the private Instagram account? As I said, you’ll know this once you go to the private account’s profile page.

Under the account’s bio, you’ll see if your friends are following that account. If you don’t see anything, it means none of your friends are followers.

But if you see any of your friends’ names there, ask around!

Contact those friends and ask them to tell you who else is following that private account, or even take screenshots of the follower’s list.

Search for the Account on Google

Disclaimer – This is unlikely to offer any substantial results, but you may find some private posts that were once public.

Moreover, you won’t find out who follows the Instagram account by searching for its username on Google.

At most, you’ll find some older posts or discussions about that account on various websites.

But if you just want to find out anything about this person, then this method might be just what you need. Do some digging and find out…

I recommend typing in the Instagram username of that account followed by “Instagram” and searching. You’re more likely to find what you’re looking for by including the platform’s name.

Check Their Other Social Media Accounts

Does the private Instagram account link to their other social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter? Check them out and see what you find!

If their other accounts are public, go through the posts and see who their friends are.

There’s a high chance that whoever follows them on Facebook or other platforms is also following them on Instagram (social circle stick together).

Many Instagram users link to their other social media accounts, especially if trying to become influencers or build a community.


There is no proper way to see who follows a private Instagram account. At most, you can run a Google search and see what you find.

If any of your friends follow the account, interrogate them and see what you find out. But other than this, there’s nothing you can do.

Leave a comment below if you know of any undiscovered solutions to this problem!

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