How to Know if Someone Deleted Their Snapchat Account?

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How to Know if Someone Deleted Their Snapchat Account?

If you suspect that your friend has deleted their Snapchat account and forgot to give you a heads-up, here’s how to figure it out:

  • Search for their username on Snapchat. If you can’t find them, they either blocked you or deleted their account
  • Try sending them a message on Snapchat. They must have deleted their account. Do you get an error or can’t find them in your chat history?
  • Create another Snapchat account and search for them again. If you find them, it means they’ve blocked your other account
  • Ask them

There aren’t that many ways to determine if someone has deleted their Snapchat account, but the ones I have here are pretty accurate.

Read below for a clearer explanation of how to do this, with screenshots to help you understand better!

Method1: Search For Their Username

A quick way of figuring out if your friend has deleted their Snapchat is looking for them on the app (search for their username).

Disclaimer – if you can’t find their username, it might also mean they’ve blocked you. But I’ve got a way around that, too (hehe).

Follow the steps below to do this:

1. Tap on the Search icon

Snapchat Chats page showing the "Search" icon highlighted in red
Snapchat Chats page showing the “Search” icon highlighted in red

Begin by opening Snapchat and finding the magnifying glass icon in the top-left corner, just beside your profile picture.

Tap it with adequate force and continue:

2. Search for your friend

Snapchat Search page showing the search bar highlighted at the top of the page
The Snapchat Search page shows the search bar highlighted at the top.

The magnifying glass icon will take you to the search page. Type in your friend’s username and see if you find them.

Didn’t find them? Here’s why that might be the case:

  • You either mistyped their username
  • They blocked you
  • They deleted their account

To ensure they haven’t blocked you, I recommend creating another Snapchat account and searching for their username on Snapchat once again.

Unless you’ve mistyped their username, if you can’t find them from a new Snapchat account, then the answer is clear – they’ve deleted their account.

Method 2: Send Them a Message

Another way to determine if someone has deleted their Snapchat account is to send them a direct message in the app. Or, at least, to try sending them a direct message.

If they’ve deleted their account, you shouldn’t be able to send them a message. One of two things will happen if you try:

  • You won’t be able to start a chat with them, and their chat will have disappeared from your chat history
  • You’ll get the “Pending” or “Failed to send your message” errors

If the message is delivered, they haven’t deleted their account. They’re just ignoring you.

A word of warning – not being able to send someone a message on Snapchat might also mean they’ve blocked you.

Many of the characteristics of a deleted Snapchat account are identical to those when the other person who has blocked you, unfortunately.

Method 3: Ask Them Directly or Ask a Mutual Friend

Have you tried asking them directly on another social media platform or calling them? They come clean and tell you that they’ve deleted their Snapchat account.

If you can’t contact them outside of Snapchat, try asking a mutual friend. They may know if the other person has deleted their Snapchat account.

You don’t have any mutual friends to ask? Try searching for that person’s Snapchat username on Google. Perhaps you’ll find their other social media accounts.

Or you won’t, in which case you can only use the solutions above to be sure.

Usually, if you can’t send them a message and find their username on Snapchat, even with another account, it means the other person has deleted their account.

That’s about all I can say on the topic. If you have any questions or you’re confused about something, let me know below!

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