Top-Rated TikTok Videos in March 2023

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Top-Rated TikTok Videos in March 2023

Curious about the most popular TikTok videos on the platform? Well, I’ve prepared a list with hit videos, based on likes, as of March 2023.

Many of them are coming from top content creators while others, not so much. In fact, some content creators on this list are largely unknown but thanks to their viral videos, they’re about to experience true stardom!

Let’s go through the list and see what’s what!

1. @bellapoarch – Lip Syncing

Bella Poarch's official TikTok page
Bella Poarch’s official TikTok page

The first video on this list is that of content creator @bellapoarch, and it’s a lip syncing video. It garnered around 61 million likes.

Bella does the “M to the B” song by Millie B, and the video has only 10 seconds. Still, she received 61 million likes and had the most engaging TikTok video on March 2023.

It seems that people really like lip syncing videos on TikTok.

2. @jamie23bsh – Dancing in Front of the Bathroom Mirror

@jamie32bsh's official TikTok page
@jamie32bsh’s official TikTok page

Jamie Big Sorrel Horse is a TikTok content creator with over 7.5 million followers and almost 101 million likes. His video, where he dances in front of the bathroom mirror, was the second most popular video in March of 2023.

It received around 52 million likes between January 2022 and March 2023. By now, the video probably has even more likes.

3. @fredziownik_art – Drawing of Mouths

fredziownik_art's official TikTok page
fredziownik_art’s official TikTok page

Fred is an artist, and he does excellent drawings on TikTok. Coincidentally, his drawing of a mouth was the third most popular video on TikTok in March 2023, garnering 51 million likes.

He often shows comparison videos between his drawing and his art teacher’s or his sister’s. Some of his videos even have more than 155 million views, like the one where he does a $0 and a $300 drawing of The Rock.

Passion and art are really popular on TikTok if you know how to catch attention, and Fred seems to do that just fine.

4. @thenickluciano – Lip Syncing

Nick Luciano's official TikTok page
Nick Luciano’s official TikTok page

Nick Luciano does…things on TikTok. I don’t know exactly what, but he’s modestly popular with over 6.2 million followers and 158 million likes.

His lip-syncing video was the 4th most popular video on TikTok in March 2023, and get this, he doesn’t usually do lip-syncing at all.

It seems that lip-syncing is something that instantly attracts attention no matter what, so it’s a way to propel yourself to stardom, I guess.

His lip-syncing video got around 49.7 million likes, and remember, he only has 158 million likes on his account.

5. @totouchanemu – Dancing Filmed by a Drone

@totouchanemu's official TikTok page
@totouchanemu’s official TikTok page

Meet the Drone Guy, aka @totouchanemu. He does a lot of things with his trusty drone, follows along on various trends, and dances while being filmed by the drone.

Point of fact – his video where he dances while being filmed by his drone got around 45 million likes, and was the 5th most popular video on TikTok in March 2023.

Some videos, like that one, become instant hits the moment they’re uploaded…

6. @mngnzls – Sang “Suave” by El Alfa

@mngnzls's official TikTok page
@mngnzls’s official TikTok page

@mngnzls or Mona is apparently a singer, professional or not. Her video of singing the “Suave” song by El Alfa was the 6th most popular video on TikTok in March 2023 with over 41.4 million likes.

Nothing stops a singer from becoming famous, I guess. She often does reinterpretations of famous songs, and she gets quite a lot of attention from viewers.

With over 18.5 million followers and more than 278 million views, she has amassed quite the follower base.

7. @adrianchateau – “Bark at Your Dog” Challenge

Adrian Chateau Wiles' official TikTok page
Adrian Chateau Wiles’ official TikTok page

This is a case of instant popularity through one viral video. At the moment of writing this article, Adrian has only 4 videos.

It was her first video that got almost 245 million views and has 40.6 million likes right now, making it the 7th most popular video on TikTok in March 2023. This catapulted her channel to the stratosphere.

She now has 995.9k followers and all she does is post about her dog. She only has 4 videos right now but I’m guessing she’ll capitalize on her newfound fame!

8. @billieeilish – “Time Warp Scan” Filter

Billie Eilish's official TikTok page
Billie Eilish’s official TikTok page

Meet Billie Eilish’s official TikTok page. Her “Time Warp Scan” video garnered around 40.5 million likes in March 2023, making it the 8th most popular video on the platform.

I’ve looked through some of her videos and Billie can apparently do “anything” and she’ll still garner millions of views and likes.

People flock to her no matter what she does. Popularity is what popularity does, I guess.

9. @khaby.lame – Peeling a Banana

Khaby Lame's official TikTok page
Khaby Lame’s official TikTok page

Everyone knows Khaby Lame by now. He’s ultra-famous across all social media for his comedic style and iconic face.

His video where he peels a banana was the 9th most popular video on TikTok in March 2023 with over 37.9 million likes.

Remember what I said about Billie Eilish getting attention for literally anything she does? Nah, she pales in comparison to Khaby, the only difference being that he’s actually funny and entertaining.

10. @britishpromise.cats – Cat Pawing at Camera

@britishpromise.cats' official TikTok page
@britishpromise.cats’ official TikTok page

Cats, especially “smol” ones like kittens will always garner a ton of attention because they’re the personification of cuteness.

This channel got 37.4 million likes on a video where a small kitten is pawing at the camera, and I think it deserved more attention than it got.

The channel has around 3.1 million followers and over 47.8 million likes, so it’s not like they’re completely unknown.

And that’d be all for this article. I hope you’ve learned something new, and see you on the next one!


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