How to See Who Reported You on Facebook?

The short answer to this is that “you can’t“. Facebook doesn’t notify you about the identity of whoever reported you unless the report is related to intellectual property infringement. It does that for a very … Read more


What Is the SKU on Facebook Marketplace?

Are you trying to sell something on the Facebook Marketplace and don’t know what the “SKU” term means? Don’t worry. This article will explain what this term means, how it’s used, and what you need … Read more

How to See Who Unfollowed You on Facebook?

Long story short, Facebook doesn’t notify you about the identity of those who unfollow you. There’s no such option on the desktop or mobile Facebook app. Bummer, right? Doesn’t have to be… The only way … Read more

How to View Private Facebook Profiles?

Do you want to spy on someone’s private Facebook profile and don’t know how to do it? Here are several solutions: These solutions are not ideal, but there’s no direct way of viewing someone’s private … Read more

How to See Who I Am Following on Facebook?

Seeing your followers on Facebook is not as easy as you think. The option isn’t in the “Friends” tab anymore. Instead, you’ll find it deep in the Facebook settings (way deep). Here’s how to see … Read more

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