Dealing with Trolls: How to Respond to Mockery About Your Roblox Join Date

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Written by: Alex Popa


Dealing with Trolls: How to Respond to Mockery About Your Roblox Join Date

You can’t change your join date on Roblox because it wouldn’t make sense to be able to change it. It brings no benefits to anyone.

The Roblox Join Date showed when you created your account on the platform, so it’s a record of the past. It can’t be changed because it has already happened.

But why do people want to change their Roblox Join Dates? Keep reading to learn why!

Summary: You can’t change your join date on Roblox because it’s a record of when you created your account. 

Some people want to change their join date because they’re being mocked by other players for being “noobs”. 

However, joining Roblox later doesn’t make you a bad person or less valuable. If you’re being mocked for your join date, you should laugh it off and ignore it. 

Don’t let trolls get to you and don’t give them the satisfaction of getting a reaction from you. 

Why Do People Want to Change the Join Date on Roblox?

It’s because of cyberbullying. Many Roblox players with older accounts make fun of newcomers for being “noobs” and having just started the game.

Even though bullying someone for starting to play the game later seems bizarre and idiotic, it happens.

That’s because most Roblox players are teens, at best. Their ages range from 8 to 18, with a very small part of the player base over 18.

According to the latest stats, 67% of Roblox’s user base is under 16, with only 14% over 25.

Why is this important? Because the younger you are, the less mature you are. Children under 16 are especially immature and prone to cheap insults that make little sense.

So, if you’re on the receiving end of mockery based on your join date, I’d recommend you laugh it off and ignore it.

How to Respond to Users Mocking Your Join Date?

Think about it – why should you feel insulted because you started playing Roblox recently? Roblox:

  • Is far from being an important thing in life
  • Is not the most popular game in the world
  • Doesn’t offer you value as a person for playing it
  • Doesn’t give you any benefits for joining sooner

Other than a lack of experience and knowledge about the game, which is perfectly natural, there’s no difference between someone who joined five years ago and someone who just joined.

Even bragging about having an older Join Date on Roblox is nonsensical and bizarre, so you shouldn’t feel insulted.

Trolls seek reactions from those they mock, so if you feel insulted by their flimsy attempts at insults, you’re giving them satisfaction.

And that’s the last thing you should do. This will only fuel their bullying further, making you look bad because you’re taking them seriously.

When you meet Roblox users who make fun of you because of your recent join date, you should say something like, “Yeah, I joined Roblox recently. So what? Everyone was the same at one point, including you too. It doesn’t mean anything.”

Don’t get down to their level to insult them back because you’re only giving them satisfaction by becoming emotional.

Be the smarter person in the room and deflect their puny insults with logic and reasonable arguments. And if they keep sending stupid insults your way, which they surely will, then ignore them.

Trolls are best countered by explaining your position once and then ignoring them. People shouldn’t be able to say that you didn’t defend your view.

However, once it becomes clear that the other person doesn’t take the discussion seriously and is only having fun at your expense, stop trying to reason with them. It’ll only hurt your image.

Instead of trying to change the Roblox Join Date, you should rather learn how to confront trolls and have more self-confidence.

You should know that:

  • Joining Roblox later doesn’t make you a bad person
  • Not joining Roblox sooner doesn’t make you stupid
  • People who mock your Join Date are immature and shouldn’t be taken seriously

As long as you understand these things, it’ll be easy to ignore the trolls!

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