Discord Kittens: What They Are and Why You Should Be Concerned

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Written by: Alex Popa


Discord Kittens: What They Are and Why You Should Be Concerned

Were you having fun with your friends on Discord, and someone said something about a Kitten?

A “Discord Kitten” is a sugar baby who aims to please whoever gives them something (usually Nitro).

Nitro is the premium variant of Discord. There are plenty of Discord Kittens on the platform, and they’re being “taken care of” by other users.

Those users are called the “Daddies” of the Kittens, and it’s quite a bizarre concept to wrap your head around.

If you want to know more about Discord Kittens, keep reading!

Summary: A “Discord Kitten” is a sugar baby who aims to please whoever gives them Nitro, the premium variant of Discord. 

The person giving Nitro is called the “Daddy” of the Kitten. Discord Kittens are usually young or underaged and may not be self-aware about their actions. 

The relationship between a Discord Kitten and a Daddy can be manipulative and potentially harmful. 

If you find out your child is a Discord Kitten, it is recommended to have a serious talk with them.

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What is a Discord Kitten?

What Are Discord Kittens?

Think of a Discord Kitten as a “willing slave,” a person who does whatever you want, whenever you want it. In exchange, you give them Nitro.

And as long as you give them Nitro, they’ll be your Kitten, and you’ll be their Daddy. If this sounds oddly abnormal and crazy, that’s because it is.

Discord Kittens are usually female, but there are also several male Kittens. The Kitten and the Daddy are of the opposite gender, too.

So, a male Daddy will have a female Kitten, and vice-versa. Moreover, Kittens tend to be young or underaged kids who aren’t too self-aware about their actions.

The Daddies are usually older than the Kittens, which makes this seem somewhat pedophilic at first glance.

Should You Be Worried If Your Child Is a Discord Kitten?

There’s something wrong with being in this type of relationship between a Discord Kitten and a Daddy.

As I said, often, the Kitten is a naïve, highly impressionable, immature, and inexperienced person.

And the Daddy is a manipulative con artist who deceives the other person into being their Kitten and serving their goals.

If the Kitten is an underaged person, then suddenly, this type of thing gets pedophiliac vibes.

I recommend having a serious talk with your child if you find out they’re a Discord Kitten for someone else.

And brush up on your social media and technology knowledge because you can’t escape it.


A Discord Kitten is a sugar baby to a Discord Daddy. The Daddy gives Nitro to the Kitten, and the Kitten pleases the Daddy in whatever way possible.

I’ll let you decide what “pleasing the Daddy” means, but it ranges from debasing themselves in a chat to acting subservient in a voice channel.

Everything they do is to satisfy the desires of the Daddy. The Kitten embodies the traits of a real-life kitten – cute, fluffy, harmless, clumsy, and so on.

But should we accept and reinforce such dysfunctional behaviors from our fellow humans?

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